Why Security Matters Now More Than Ever


We’re living in uncertain times. Whatever you thought the business landscape and challenges of 2020 might be, there’s little chance you would have imagined this year in your most outlandish scenarios. We’re living in a state of insecurity, and when that occurs, an unfortunate side effect tends to be crime. Small businesses can frequently be the target of this, so it makes sense to consider what you can do to make your business a safer proposition, both digitally and physically. The truth is that security always matters – and now more than ever.


Taking Security Seriously


Cyber security is a hot topic, as businesses of all sizes, from small family-run operations to global blue chip corporations have all been caught short by sophisticated hackers who have found ways to exploit flaws in their systems and mine user data. Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that cyber criminals will only go after larger, more well known companies, but that isn’t the case at all – in fact, studies have shown that up to 60 percent of all recorded cyber attacks target small to medium business, possibly because hackers know that smaller firms with limited budgets often choose to cut corners when it comes to investing in security measures. Website hacks, phishing scams and malware are just some of the ways that criminals can gain control of your data. Good data security is not an option – it’s now legally enforceable in most countries around the world, so you run the risk of a crippling fine should a breach occur. Equally, the reputational damage and lost business it brings can spell the end for many an otherwise promising small business. 


Keeping Your Premises Safe


It’s not only in the digital world that small businesses need to be vigilant. The security of your physical premises should also be considered. Simple moves like restricting access and implementing a security ID system should always be considered – after all, opportunists are always quick to hunt down unsecured premises. You can also take steps like using MT5 keys to secure critical files and hardware where they can’t be physically tampered with. A decent CCTV network is also a huge bonus, as it provides you with court admissible evidence should something bad happen, plus it acts as a significant deterrent to wannabe thieves. You can also monitor it remotely wherever you happen to be.


Training Your Staff


No matter how good the systems that you put in place, they ultimately mean nothing without good staff training behind them. Make being security savvy a part of the company culture, and abide by regulations around handling personal data carefully. Your employees can act as your eyes and early and be vigilant for anything out of the ordinary, or bad practices within the business which could do with tightening up. Cover security as part of the onboarding process when you make a new hire, but also keep it firmly on the agenda with regular updates and requirements. Make it a part of the way that you do business and you’ll be in a much safer place.