Why Shared Office Accommodation Makes Sense for the Small Business


While we are all aware of the huge challenges that entrepreneurs face when setting up a new venture, there are ways that you can cut your running costs, especially when it comes to office accommodation. Of course, you won’t be the only new business owner in New Zealand who is looking for cheap office space and if you can find a couple of small business owners who want to share office space, you can save quite a lot of money.

Sharing Resources – Sharing Costs

Most new businesses do not require much in terms of office space and equipment and in these troubling times, offices are difficult to lease and landlords are more likely to accept a group of tenants, rather than one company. Once you have leased the space, you can order that stylish corner desk from Hurdleys Office Furniture, along with a few other items that you will need. The online supplier has the cheapest deals, as they do not have the huge overheads of a retail outlet and this discount is passed onto the customer.

Broadband Internet

Most offices are already connected with a broadband connection and the cost would be minimal if you share with a couple of other businesses. Wireless Wi-Fi means seamless connections allowing you to use your digital devices from any part of the office. Click here for tips on building a successful e-commerce business.

Forging an Alliance with Other Businesses

If you can find other entrepreneurs in the same industry, why not forge an alliance with them? This is the smart thing to do and together, you will be a lot stronger, as well as saving money with shared office resources. If you would like to find like-minded entrepreneurs, there are online forums and social media groups where you can make contact with other small business owners. If you have relationships with other business owners, this will bring you dividends in so many ways.

Ordering Office Furniture Online

Once you have leased your office space, you can order all of your office furniture and supplies from a single online supplier and in no time at all, you will be ready to launch your new venture. Ordering online is great because you can quickly compare prices and products and with free delivery and flexible payment plans, you can spread the cost over a few months.

You could contact a local real estate agency, one that specialises in office accommodation and see what they have on their books and with a couple of other new ventures, you can easily afford to rent quality office space. It might be possible for you to receive some financial assistance from the NZ government, which would certainly help.

Sharing Utilities

This is yet another benefit of renting shared office accommodation, enabling you to save money, which is essential at this early stage and with all bills shared 2-3 ways, each business pays a little. Slashing your outgoings is going to be very helpful as you set about carving out a share of a finite market.