Why Should Start-Ups Buy Real Instagram Accounts?


Setting up a business and promoting it is challenging. However, when you have huge capital and other resources, you can smoothen out a few challenges. However, it is challenging for most start-ups to build their business followers and promote their goods and services. Social media is a good option. And while developing fans and followers organically might take time, purchasing an Instagram account can resolve the issue. 

Today, several start-ups buy real Instagram accounts. They have multiple reasons for it. However, if you are in two minds about this, a few benefits discussed below can help you make an informed decision. 


  • You get a readymade follower base


People like to follow Instagram profiles with more follower base. It acts as a badge of credibility and authenticity. And at times, start-ups can fret endlessly for not having ample followers. When you purchase a real Instagram account, you have a follower base. Hence, you can build on the existing follower base with the usual Instagram SEO activities. It will save you from the stress and tension of not having ample followers. You can devote to other business development activities and work towards adding value to your goods and Instagram account.


  • Better brand visibility


Let’s reiterate the first point – people follow Instagram accounts that have an increased follower count. That means you will start drawing more followers with an existing increasing count of followers. And that will bring you more online visibility and help in business awareness and promotion campaigns. It will provide you with curious followers who can also become your regular customers. Gradually, you start making more sales, profits, and it will increase your return on investment.


  • Connect with social media influencers


Start-ups need to make the most of their limited capital and use it wisely to market their business. It is an excellent decision to partner with social media influencers to promote your business. That way, your brand gets known to another pool of audience and followers you didn’t know existed. Social media influencers have their social media networking objectives, and they love to get in touch with accounts with adequate followers. The aim is to benefit each other through the partnership. If you have access to the influencer’s followers, they should also have the same. Here an Instagram business account with more followers is handy than one struggling to get followers.


  • It looks professional


It is necessary to give your social media profile a professional look. When you purchase an Instagram account of your industry niche and make the required changes, you get an Instagram profile that looks professional and business-like. It will help you gain positive feedback and more followers.


  • It is easy


One of the most important reasons for start-ups purchasing Instagram account is that it is easy! The transaction process is simple, and also it caters to the business objective without much struggle.

These are a few reasons for which small business and start-up entrepreneurs can think about purchasing Instagram accounts. However, it is essential to check the service provider’s name and reputation to ensure that you are getting into a good deal.