Xcution – Take Your Business to the Next Level!!


Jane Henry welcomes you to Xcution.

Jane Henry is a transformational growth leader and business owner of a company called Xcution that helps individuals, teams and organizations gain a deeper understanding of how business goals translate into workforce needs. Her objective is to help companies unlock unprecedented growth and increase shareholder value, while delivering an internal rate of return that far exceeds the cost of living with “people problems”.


After years of building a career as a consultant with Accenture, Jane Henry decided to “settle down” in one place to start a family with her husband. She took a secure job with a corporation called Enron. Six months later she was a part of the history making mass layoff only to be called back in later the same day to help project manage the divesture. “I tell everyone that I was either perfectly suited for the position, or the cheapest project manager they could find.” In this moment, she had started building the concepts behind her future company – removing the politics and complexity of change – pulling the workforce back together, and actually delivering 15 IT systems to support 750 new jobs. “What I learned through Enron was that there is a process to change, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be complex, it’s just about making conversations happen.”

The key foundational element of any organization is the right culture. When precisely positioned, the right company values and work environment lead to independent, empowered, self-reflective teams that have both the initiative and the capability to drive new revenue sources, generate higher profitability, and lower operational costs. Join Xcution in their work to create a cultural shift that is changing the way businesses conduct business — through their people.