You Need To Put On Your Game Face Whenever You Approach Influencers


Companies need established personalities on social media to promote their products. But convincing one of these individuals to work with you is actually a lot trickier than you might think.

Remember, influencers have to strike a delicate balance. On the one hand, they want to make money – and advertisers provide that. But on the other, they want to appear authentic to their audience. And so they’re unwilling to flog any old garbage. 


Approaching influencers, therefore, is tricky. You have to pitch yourself in just the right way. If you don’t, you’ll scare them off according to  


Select An Influencer Who Can Benefit From Flogging Your Product


When incentives align, magic can happen. Getting to that place, however, is more of a challenge than you might imagine. Not all influencers will benefit from selling your products. Some will suffer a reduction in brand value if they try. 


Your job, therefore, is to find influencers in your niche area who stand to see to benefit from serving up your advertising to their followers. Ideally, you want to discover influencers whose values align with your own and pursue them. 


Time Your Outreach


Grabbing the attention of an influencer can be a challenge. They are busy people, and they work hard to manage their audiences. For many, it is a full-time job. That is one of the reasons why marketers from always do their outreach and low-volume times of the week. Influencers are often busy on Wednesday evenings, but do very little on Sunday mornings. 


Use An Email Template

Influencers, like everyone else, want to get the impression that you’re communicating with them from a legitimate business. The way your outreach email appears, therefore, is essential. If it looks amateur and home-made, they may ignore it. If it is professionally produced and comes complete with all your corporate emblems, then they should take it more seriously. 


Check Out Their Website Before You Contact Them


Some influencers are very popular among companies and receive dozens of emails per week, inviting them to take part in joint marketing efforts. For that reason, many set up collaboration policies and post them on their websites. It pays to check these first. It shows that you’re a considerate brand, willing to take on board their requirements. And it tells you whether the partnership is right for your enterprise or not. 


Speak Professionally


A lot of influencers are the same in public as they are in private, but many are not. There are plenty of people with millions of subscribers who revel in goofing off in front of the camera, but very much see what they do as a professional gig. They, therefore, expect companies to approach them as they might any other partner – with dignity and respect. 


Companies, therefore, need to be professional whenever they approach influencers. Don’t be afraid to put on your game face to secure them. Get a sense of what they’re about from their website and social pages, and milk that for all its worth.