3 Reasons Why More People Are Beginning to Use Temp Agencies


Temping agencies have existed for a long time and have always offered organisations a way to fill staff vacancies without lengthy recruitment processes, and when staff are only needed for specific occasions such as a short-term project or to staff an event. However, in the modern business world, temping agencies have become more popular than ever.

Here we look at some of the benefits that businesses are getting by hiring people through temping agencies rather than other means of getting the people they need.

Pre-checked Staff

One of the best ways that using temping agencies is advantageous to businesses, is that people who work for temping agencies have already been checked for quality, and have been selected based on their skills, competency and what’s on their CV. This means that a business doesn’t have to perform any additional checks to ensure that the people working for them will be up to their standards.

This certainly cuts down on HR time and means that nobody needs to spend large amounts of time sifting through applications or CVs for jobs that are casual, short-term, or required very urgently. It also makes things a lot easier from a contractual perspective, because new contracts do not need to be drawn up for each individual person or role. This is handled by the temping agency and the employer simply has an arrangement in place with them rather than with the individuals working for them. This can make a big difference in terms of the manpower required to manage staffing and payroll.

Fill Roles Fast and When Needed

Another reason why more and more businesses are using temping agencies is that a good agency will be able to supply people at very short notice. If a business needs someone to cover permanent staff who are unexpectedly unavailable, then a temping agency can help them instantly in most cases. An example can be seen at www.staffheroes.co.uk who can provide a large volume of staff whenever needed (24/7). Companies like this one are doing wonders for businesses and are increasing the reputation of temp agencies significantly.

Temping agencies usually have a roster of people who are available to work straight away, and who are effectively on call to provide cover to existing staff, or to fill urgent vacancies. This can be especially important in things like hospitality, where people are often needed fairly suddenly due to the higher staff turnover, and fluctuations in how busy a given venue might be.

More Flexibility in Overall Staff Skill Set

Something else that makes using temping agencies a good idea for a lot of businesses is that they can match the skills of the people on the team at any given time with the skills that are actually needed within the business. There can be some roles in office work for example where there may not be enough of a requirement to take someone on full-time, however using a temp to cover the duties as and when necessary can be a good solution. This allows businesses to bring in administrative temps at times when demand is high but to keep their core staff down to the people that they need all year round.

Temping agencies can offer a solution to a lot of the problems that businesses face when it comes to staffing, and they can also attract some very good people. Often, people who work for temping agencies are highly skilled in the area that they work in and have chosen temping because they are between permanent roles, or simply because the lifestyle of a temp suits them better than working for one company full time.

If your business finds itself in need of urgent staffing, then contacting a temping agency can take a lot of the hassle out of finding the people you need and bringing them on board for as long as you need them.