3 Types Of Digital Marketing Your Business Should Be Utilizing


Digital marketing is a pretty broad subject overall, referring to any type of marketing strategy or activity that uses digital devices, and yet even this can be difficult to define. With so many different types of digital tools available, from phones, tablets, and laptops, it can be hard as a business owner to hone in and decide which aspect of digital marketing you should focus on, and which will add the most value to your business. 


Most successful marketing campaigns use a mix of digital strategies across various channels for furthest audience reach, optimization, and, ultimately, the best results. Here are three main types of digital marketing that you should know, and your business should be implementing, other than social media. 


Content Marketing

Seemingly everywhere right now, thanks to the boom and rise in social influencers, or content creators, this form of marketing uses the art of storytelling to increase brand awareness on platforms ranging from Instagram stories to blogs. Using valuable brand information as the driver of the stories, the main goal is to turn your target audience into consumers while building strong connections and relationships with potential customers. Relying heavily on distribution, content creation can almost be seen as a more personal and, therefore, a relatable form of advertising and is often used in marketing strategies to provide value to a target audience via the content. When utilized correctly, companies can see significant growth through content marketing and allows smaller businesses and those just starting out, to create effective marketing campaigns without the need for a big budget.



Content marketing wouldn’t be entirely successful these days without the help of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. All marketing content needs to go through an optimization process to show up high in search engine results, such as Google. Their ranking is based on the organic use of specific keywords within the content copy and any links that refer back to a brand’s website or eCommerce channel. SEO can be challenging to get right, and there are many strategies available when it comes to optimizing content. There’s a lot more to it than just adding random common subject words and requires skill and subject knowledge. To ensure a successful marketing campaign using SEO and avoid being penalized by search engines, it’s best to enlist professional help from top digital marketing agencies as SunCity Advising.

Email Marketing

What may come as a surprise to some, Email marketing is actually one of the best ways to convert potential customers into fully paying consumers. Just about everyone tends to have an email address, so by sending regular information about your brand to subscribers, you can build up a relationship with your audience, which will translate itself into trust and brand awareness. Businesses who have found success via email marketing have done so by personally building their list of subscribers, rather than bombarding random email addresses, hoping for the best. While this can take some time, when done correctly, you will be able to turn a percentage of your contacts into customers, allowing you to create tailored email marketing campaigns to drive your sales.

Though bulk email marketing is more random you can always get subscribers that way, too. Then you can correspond with them and turn them into one of your trusted subscribers adding to your tailor made marketing campaign.