3 Ways a Video Streaming Host Benefits Your Business


Live video streaming is popular today. This is because they can help you expand your business’ reach and impact. Businesses are using it for almost everything, including product and service promotion, making live announcements, hosting online meetings in real-time and overall employee knowledge. Clearly, you can see how companies are using this technology to communicate with everyone from customers to employees. There are actually three very good reasons for this.
Reach a Larger audience
When you use a video streaming host such as Blue Jeans, you can reach out to an even larger audience. This means you’ll have greater visibility, gain more social media followers, create more opportunities for growth, and improve your return on investment.

There are many reasons why people prefer videos today, all of which means you can reach out to many more people. Much of this boils down to the benefits of streaming videos. These benefits include:


  • Participants find these convenient because they can join in from anywhere. They don’t need to travel or commute and you don’t need to worry about things like meeting rooms.
  • Participants can send you their questions beforehand. This way you can create the class based upon their questions.
  • Once the seminar is over, anyone who was unable to attend can watch it and glean the same information from it at their convenience. Such sessions are also sustainable, meaning they’re inherently “green.”

Decreased Operational Costs With a Bigger ROI
Video streaming is a great way to make yourself more approachable online. Since people want to buy products and services from people they know, this will allow you to greatly accelerate the process in your sales cycle during which people are getting to know you. You can feel “safe” taking your time with this too, which means you’ll be better equipped to deliver a compelling, results-driven message. You’ll also have more time to move people from passive onlookers to active buyers since they’re more likely to stick around your website for a while than to simply hit and run.
Although you’d think this would require more money, it actually reduces your business’ operational costs. This is because your employees won’t need to spend so much time traveling to the meeting, saving your business travel and accommodation costs.
At the same time, video streaming also makes your employees more productive since they have a greater ability to exchange ideas. It also makes them more flexible since this is something that they can do when convenient, even allowing some of your employees to work from home when necessary. You can see how video streaming takes away the logistical issues so there’s more focus on the message, which is actually what’s most important.
As a host, you’ll also receive a larger ROI for the following reasons:


  • You can earn credibility and expert status by demonstrating your expertise and credibility on video. Just make sure you take your time and produce a good video.
  • Since videos don’t know geographic bounds, you can reach a wide, global audience. You can even make it so people must give you their email address to view the video, which will increase your opt-in mailing list.
  • Videos have a long afterlife. Not only will those in attendance see the video, but if you post it on your site, you’ll receive a SEO boost. At the same time, any potential joint-venture partners can get to know you better.


Better Content

There are many different content types to use today, but video streaming is the least restrictive. As long as you have Internet connectivity you can create an event. If done right, the video could even go viral.
Videos are also easier for your business to look back on over the years. As such, they can serve as somewhat of a filing system for you. This is why it’s important for you to create a good description for each video you create so when you look back at them you know which one is valuable. You can then take and spin the video into other types of content.
One of the many great things you can do with video content later is create a book. Simply take a series of video seminars and edit them to create a book for sale. This is one of the many other promotional venues videos will open for your business.
It doesn’t matter if you think your video is boring, as long as you offer relevant information people will want to view it. As long as you can afford to create a video, there are three great reasons why you should. Essentially, your business is creating better content that reaches more people. At the same time, videos don’t cost much to make, but they do offer a great return on your investment.