4 Tips for the Ultimate Maintenance Free Garden



Once upon a time, a garden was reserved for glorious floral arrangements and bursts of color.

Now, if we all had endless amounts of time (and green fingers) there’s a chance that we would have our way and abide to the above principals.

Unfortunately, in simple terms, we don’t.

Instead, practicality is king, and a term that has become increasingly popular over the years is a “maintenance free garden”. It’s one where upkeep is kept to a minimum and ultimately, we can enjoy our outdoor spaces without getting our hands overly dirty.

Following on from the above, today’s post is about signposting you towards some simple tips that can help you unearth the ultimate maintenance free outdoor space.

Furniture is the definition of maintenance free

One of the biggest issues that a lot of people find when designing their maintenance free yard is that they’re not quite sure how to fill it.

This is where furniture comes into play. Suffice to say, it’s largely maintenance free, and can make your garden come to life as the ultimate social space. For example, if we home in on this this wooden garden lounge set, we can see that it is sizeable, creates a great area for the family to get together, and takes up the space that would otherwise be consumed with ‘maintaining’ activities.

In other words, while it is practical, it adds character to a garden – without it costing you any time through the year.

A maintenance free garden doesn’t mean a concrete (or decking) jungle

Once upon a time, the concept of a maintenance free garden revolved around a space that was surrounded in decking. As it turns out, it doesn’t have to be like this.

There are a whole host of evergreen plants that will last throughout the year, meaning that you don’t have to spend precious time attending to them.

The end result is a green, lush outdoor space that doesn’t take up any of your time. There is a great resource of the best evergreen plants over here.

Lawns: a gardener’s enemy

OK, let’s rephrase the subtitle. For some people, lawns are essential. They are a great space for the kids to play and if done correctly, can make your garden look utterly beautiful.

However, for someone who hates garden maintenance, this is not the way forward. Through the warmer months they need cutting and watering, while in winter they can look dour to say the least. There is a lot of upkeep required.

As such, if you’re serious about ditching the maintenance of your garden, look to replace your lawn. Consider something like raised planters instead, which allow you much more control.

Don’t just rely on plants for color

Sure, if you want the natural appearance, plants are the best way to inject vibrance into your garden.

However, in the interests of staying maintenance free, open your mind to other solutions. For example, how about painting a fence? Granted, it’s not quite the same effect, but in some cases, painting objects in your garden can almost have as much of an effect as planting rows of maintenance-heavy flowers.