4 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue


The greatest thing about affiliate marketing is that anyone can do it. What will set you apart from your competitors is using the right tools and knowing the right details in order to maximize your earning potential.

By 2020, affiliate marketing in the U.S. is expected to reach $6.8 billion. No matter if you create blogs using affiliate links or share affiliate links in YouTube videos, chances are your strategy could use a little fine-tuning to further optimize your marketing campaigns and therefore increasing your income.

Here are 4 tips you’ll want to know in order to increase your affiliate marketing revenue now and into the future.

  1. Build Your Brand & Reputation

Today you have to do much more than have a blog with links and ads. The most important part of affiliate marketing is making a name for yourself. This means building trust and credibility so that your website visitors begin to view you as a reliable source versus just another blogger on the Internet.

Taking the time to build up your online reputation will work wonders for your affiliate marketing success. But how do you define your e-personality and brand? It starts with being transparent about your purpose and vision.

While you’re in it to make money, you’ll have to put a human face to your brand. Don’t be afraid to share pictures and personal live experiences. The more human your brand is, the more you’re able to connect with readers.

  1. Have a Sales Funnel

Without a sales funnel, you may be able to drive traffic to your website, but what’s more important is how many of those visitors you’re able to turn into customers. By taking the time to create a funnel, you can increase your conversions.

The first level of your sales funnel should be to create awareness and buzz around the products or services you’re selling. Don’t just talk about what you’re offering, talk about the benefits and the problems that are solved by the product. The best way to build awareness is to use a blog and an email list.

Once you have your readers’ attention, the next step is to connect. Your audience should be more than buyers. Instead, you should be genuinely interested in helping them solve a problem through one of the products or services that you promote. By creating a connection, consumers are more likely to buy what you recommend.

The last step is to recommend the product you’re promoting without being forceful. One of the biggest turn offs for consumers is talking about their problem, only to have a product forced upon them. Being too aggressive can scare potential customers away, so it’s important to make recommendations versus pushing a product.

  1. Embrace Affiliate Marketing Apps

Even though you may be a hardworking affiliate marketing machine, you’re only making things harder on yourself if you aren’t using any applications to make your job a little easier. These days there are all sorts of apps and programs you can use to make your marketing campaigns more effective, which in turn boosts your income.

If you’re like most affiliate marketers, you use WordPress as your content management system, which means you’re in luck when it comes to affiliate marketing tools. There are all sorts of plugins for affiliate marketing that are designed just for WordPress. These plugins can be used for:

  • Building opt-in forms to collect website visitor information
  • Capturing and sending emails
  • Managing social media accounts in one location
  • Tracking metrics

With the right WordPress affiliate marketing plugins, you can take your marketing to a whole new level while also lessening your workload and even automating processes.

  1. Create Reviews

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll not only need to have a credible blog, it’s just as important to create honest product reviews. To boost your sales, take the time to review the products you’re promoting. Blogs, videos, and audio-based reviews are all great ways of drawing even more interest and buzz around your brand.

When writing reviews, you’ll need to do more than just talk about the features of the product. Be sure to also discuss the problems that you were experiencing before using the product and how you were able to overcome them. By showing how the product can solve an issue, consumers may be more willing to make a purchase.


No matter your methods of affiliate marketing, these tips will help to boost your success by increasing your visibility and reputation. If you’re serious about making affiliate marketing a source of income, be sure to follow these tips.

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