4 Top Tips for Recruiting an Accountant


The benefits of having a professional and experienced accountant are innumerable. Whether it’s about efficiently organizing tax savings, or keeping track of your business assets, liabilities, and income, professional accountants can keep track of everything. They prepare and examine all financial records, allowing you to focus more on business growth.


If stats are to be believed, there are over 1.28 million accountants in the U.S alone. However, with a plethora of accountants and a slew of accounting services, choosing someone for your business can be challenging. Thus, to help you figure out a strategy, we have compiled a shortlist of essentials tips to consider when hiring an accountant:


Get Recommendations:


If you are a small business, it would be wise to ask your friends, family, and colleagues who may already work with a quality accountant. Friends often talk about someone who has worked miracles to their balance sheets and taxes, take their recommendation. Any accountant worth their salt will add value to your business and bagging a good one can make your whole life a lot less stressful.


It’s important to keep in mind your business structure and work capabilities. Sometimes, an accountant who can handle sole business with ease might face difficulty in handling ten employees.


Keep in mind that recruiting the best accountant is a difficult decision, what’s perfect for your friend’s manufacturing company could be a headache for your business, so it might end up being a better idea to go to a specialist recruitment agency who can guide you in the process.



Use Social Media:


Although your personal social media accounts might not be the best platform for accountant recommendations, business-oriented accounts can benefit you. LinkedIn is a great place to start as it has a global reach and you can use it to connect to financial professionals of all kinds.


Here’s how you can use LinkedIn or any other social media platform to delve deeper into finding the right person. Find out:


  • If the candidate has a strong network of connections, check whether they are connected to professional people, you might even discover some new connections yourself.
  • If they have a zeal for number.
  • Whether they are recommended by any other client or have any testimonials
  • Their qualifications and overall experience in the business, especially if this is a long-term hire.


Hire an Expert:


Your business needs someone with good experience in preparing tax returns and financial documents for companies of varying sizes. It will be a plus if the candidate has ever worked with companies like yours.


So, check for experience, ethical outlook, their digital platform expertise, and hire a specialist only. It may be that to find the right fit for your business you enlist the help of an expert accountant vacancy recruitment consultant to help you get the process right the first time around.


Communication at the interview stage is very important, be straightforward, direct but make sure you take the time, this is something a recruiter can help you get right. Lastly, make sure to double-check all references and documents provided by the candidate. As much as you might like and trust the candidate, it is diligent to do a background check for any fraudulent past.



Go Digital:


The latest trend is candidates using mobile for pretty much everything. This is how candidates interact with the world and it’s important to facilitate the process at this level or risk losing great people from your shortlist.


The modern approach when using a recruitment agency is to use smart applicant management software so you can track all the candidates and promote your brand at the same time. This is particularly good is your company is large and you are looking to expand your admin and finance department, thus will have to manage taking on more than just a handful of candidates.


Accountants play a huge role in big and small businesses alike, as they handle your company’s financial management system. While hiring them is a no easy feat, the steps mentioned above can make things less daunting for you. Keep them in mind!