4 Ways To Build Customer Trust


We live in times of global competition and unprecedented customer choice. In this market, there is one ingredient that you will always need to succeed – the trust of your customers. This intangible quality is hard won and easily lost, so it can provide a stumbling block for a lot of otherwise promising businesses. Many try to take a shortcut to building trust or merely give the appearance of it, but this isn’t likely to work for long. Trust can’t be won by a trick – or it will simply backfire. So, how can your business go about gaining and keeping this vital ingredient?


Keep Security Front Of Mind


Security is something that many businesses can be unconsciously neglectful of. It tends to get put to the bottom of a large pile, or it’s an area where cutting corners can be tempting. However, making customers genuinely safe when they shop with you should be a high priority. Make your website secure – if you have an ecommerce platform, then use SSL protection and a secure payment platform such as PayPal. Make sure security standard badges are displayed prominently on your site. Ensure good data hygiene by only collecting information that you genuinely need and having secure data disposal methods in place. Always give customers the opportunity to opt out of communications as required by law as well.


Include Testimonials


There is nothing more effective at converting casual browsers into customers than a helpful testimonial from a customer in a similar situation to them who has solved a problem using what you offer. Create an incentivized referral scheme that encourages happy customers to share their story in return for a small reward or discount, and look at Get Launch reviews and bonuses so there is a good store of ratings and reviews to give new buyers confidence in what you offer. 


Maintain Social Media Visibility


Your activity on social media has more benefits than just spreading a marketing message. It can also give your followers more of a sense of who you are as a business, so that they come to trust you and build an affinity with your company vision and values. The strength of these channels for maintaining a brand proposition is great – you can show more fully who you are and what you do, interact with customers and conduct informal polls and social listening to understand better what people really need.


Invest In Customer Service


Even the best business has problems occasionally, but the secret to winning customer trust all depends on how you deal with any issues. In fact, when you give swift, helpful customer service that goes the extra mile, very often these are the customers who will turn into brand advocates and become very passionate about your company. Making sure customers feel properly heard when there is a problem is just as important as making amends quickly and going the extra mile. Get this right and you have a recipe for a great business reputation.