5 Communication Hacks Small Scale Businesses Use to Grow Their Client Base Online


Communication is key! In fact, it can have a bigger impact on your business than you could ever realize.
For example, companies that lead in customer experience outperform others by almost 80%. Meanwhile, these brands bring in 5.7 times more revenue than the competitors who aren’t prioritizing customer experience.
Don’t fall behind! Instead, get ahead of your competitors by prioritizing your client base online.

Keep reading to discover the five tips you need to succeed.

1. Let Your Customers Speak Up
One of the best ways to improve your client base online is to let your customers speak up.
Ask website visitors to complete a short survey before they leave. You can also add a link to this survey on your receipts.
People love getting the chance to express themselves. By learning about their customer experience on- and offline, you can discover new ways to improve your business. At the same time, you’re giving your customers a platform.
When customers realize you’re willing to listen to your concerns, they’re more likely to stick around.

2. Offer the Best Customer Service
There are multiple ways you can improve your company’s customer support and service. While you do, make sure to treat customers with respect. Happy customers are more likely to tell friends and about their positive experience.
One positive customer experience could bring in new sales!
Try adding a live chat function to your website. About 52% of consumers are more likely to shop from a brand a second time if they offer live chat support. In addition to that, 41% of consumers prefer to live chat with support instead of using telephone, email, and social media methods.
Customers value personal, instant interactions. They don’t want to wait around for a response to their problems. By offering live chat, you can show customers you’re eager to help.

3. Keep Customers Up-To-Date
What’s happening in your industry? Are you offering new products or services?
Let customers know! Send out a regular email blast or newsletter to keep your customers informed. In addition to helping you grow your client base online, it can also help you retain existing customers.

4. Refresh Your Content
Keeping your website content updated can help you attract new visitors and customers. Create an informative blog, design whitepapers, and cover the topics that are relevant to your industry!
Exploring this link can offer more ways you can improve your marketing.

5. Stay Social
Don’t forget to utilize social media! Social media is a great way to connect with customers, keep them up-to-date, and gather insight.
Make sure to choose the social media platform where your audience is most active.
Get Growing: 5 Hacks to Help You Grow Your Client Base Online
Discover new business opportunities and grow your client base online! With these tips, you can gain a loyal audience of happy clients. As customer loyalty grows, you’ll have an easier time retaining customers, which can improve your ROI.
Set yourself up for long-term success with these five tips.
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