Christine Crandell

Sales & Marketing Alignment Begins With Your Customer

Reading Time: 2 minutes 50% of B2B sales staff keep missing their quotas. It’s a problem as old as business itself. The culprit, according to sales, is the quality and volume of leads from marketing. The marketing department may be quick to snap back… Continue Reading →

Lithium Takes A Stand on Customer Experience Hype

Reading Time: 3 minutes The echo chamber on customer experience is so loud it almost drowns out any creative thought you might have floating in your head. It’s coming from all corners with everyone jumping on the bandwagon. As companies grapple with what it… Continue Reading →

Don't Waste Innovation on Products

Reading Time: < 1 minute Everywhere you turn in the technology market another company is claiming to have a breakthrough, game-changing innovation. The company will say – with an excited, child-like glee – that they are creating an entire new market or product category, where… Continue Reading →

Should Sales Own Customer Experience?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Closing deals and driving revenue has been at the top of the agenda since the dawn of commerce. However, the sense of urgency and bewilderment about how to grow a company is at an all time high. As I recently… Continue Reading →

3 Tips to Bolster Customer Loyalty

Reading Time: < 1 minute Your most important asset in eliciting customer loyalty is your company’s relationship with the customer. But relationships aren’t measured in a net promoter score or customer satisfaction rating. They’re earned by cultivating a culture and a set of business processes… Continue Reading →

Why Mergers Kill Customer Value

Reading Time: 2 minutes The M&A season is underway. Dell is looking at a $24 billion private equity deal that will privatize the company. Berkshire Hathaway is looking to buy H. J. Heinz, the ketchup brand, for $23 billion. Liberty Global wants to buyVirgin… Continue Reading →

Customer Experience: Is It The Chicken Or The Egg?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Companies are starting to see the light. They are embracing the principles that Apple, Google, and Philips Electronics have been advocating for a long time – differentiate yourself based on the experience you deliver to customers; not on the products… Continue Reading →

Is Your Org Chart Driving Customers Away?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Companies today accept an abhorrent level of dysfunction as the status quo. Studies show that knowledge-workers spend half their day in meetings and employee engagement is at an all-time low. More people than ever hate their jobs and many feel… Continue Reading →

Sex Doesn't Sell

Reading Time: < 1 minute Does sex sell? Controversy? Or does the coolest, funniest ad sells more product? It’s the perennial question that’s asked each year during the Super Bowl commercial season. I love the Doritos goat ad, but as I shared it with my… Continue Reading →

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