B2B Analysis: Learn How to Calculate Your Net Promoter Score by Leveraging One of These 3 Methods


Good customer service isn’t something that can be taught in a single class. Companies have to structure themselves from the ground up to meet consumer needs. Simplesat can help bridge the gap for companies that need a boost. The points below highlight some of the biggest challenges with getting a compatible net promoter score. No company is perfect, so there is always room for improvement.

Brand Matters

The identity of your company is in the branding. Some people spend years getting their brand just right, embedded it into every area of the company. Not all brands are created equally, and sometimes it is necessary to shake things up a little. You don’t necessarily have to change your brand, but it becomes vital to refine it. What are the company values? And do those values connect with the customers you’re trying to attract? Any brand can be transformed if you’re willing to mess with the culture of the company. From the bottom up, refining the brand will make a huge difference in your net promoter score. A company can only grow if its consumers are interested in what it offers.

Social Media Is Still King

It’s pretty much impossible to pry people away from social media. No matter the location, social media is available for consumers that have the time. That also explains why social media is a popular platform to advertise on. There are only a handful of ways to reach billions of customers at once, and social media is at the top of the list. Raise your net promoter score by encouraging shares across multiple social media sites. Many of them share information, and it is the easiest way to increase engagement for your brand. Use statistics when necessary to find out the best social media platform to share your vision. Once you find familiarity with the tools, then make a plan to implement them into other parts of the business.

Negative Opinions Are Solid Advice

Bad feedback is still solid information that you can use. Treat detractors no different than regular consumers and their ideas will make more sense. It’s impossible to improve if you only listen to the positive things that are said about your company. Within the harshness of words there is a key to improve your net promotor score. Power the growth of your company by implementing consumer ideas where it matters the most. When possible, reach out to consumers with surveys and other types of follow-ups. The more information you have, the easier it is to make changes.

Wrap Up

First impressions are not the only thing that can make a difference in branding. With these three tips, you are already on the way to a better net promoter score. It is a small step in a larger program, but one that is necessary for success. Once you know how the formula works, everything else will just fall into place.