Be Bold: Why Branding Is Essential In The Digital Era


Your brand is essential. It is the first part of your business that your consumer will notice and can be the difference between a customer walking into your shop or walking past. Branding isn’t just a logo. It is your advertising, packaging, your customer service, your reputation and what you stand for. 


In the digital era, multiple companies make starting a business really simple. You can use logo designers from as little as $20 and build a website for free. This is great for encouraging new people to make the leap into starting a company, but it doesn’t give you a real brand that will help consumers to understand and relate to your business.


When you are creating a brand today, you need to understand the core values of your company. You also need to decide the culture of your business and make sure this runs through every element of the branding. With so many companies all competing in the same sectors, your logo has to have an impact. It needs to stand out and hit your target market. So make sure you have a deep understanding of who you are aiming your product and service at and what will gain their trust


Working with a designer may mean a financial investment during the early stages of your business start-up, but it is a worthwhile expense. They can help you create a vision by looking at your core values and the needs of your consumer. Then they can translate this through shapes, imagery and colour—everything matters in a logo, right down to the typeface. Your colour schemes should be selected for how they make people feel. If you use a calming colour when your service is based around the adrenalin sports market, then you may not attract your target market. 


Once you have your logo, you need to move on to your marketing material. There are lots of companies that can produce fliers and brochures or business cards. Businesses like have made considerable investments in their equipment because they understand how important the colour and print quality is to consumers and your brand. 


You should consider a sustainability strategy too. This might include using your waste products from production to create your company packaging. It also means looking at your plastic usage and minimising your usage. Your brand needs to show ecological and social responsibility to really get in touch with the consumer. It’s no longer good enough to talk about the environment. Your target market wants you to act, and a great way to communicate this is through your branding and marketing material. 


Don’t undervalue your brand and cut corners to save money. This is the key to attracting consumers and keeping them within your business. Make sure your branding is as good as your product or service, ensure that it tells the consumer who you are, what you stand for and that you understand their needs.