Effective Ways to Improve Your Small Business Online Presence


It has been found that 97% of people look to the internet when looking to buy something. With the year that we have had with store closures and people wanting to stay at home more, this is only going to increase. That is why as a small business, having an online presence is vital. When you have a presence online, it helps shoppers to find your business and brand, before even knowing what it is you do, and it will show them what you are known for, through reviews and reputation, all before making a purchase. All of this helps to play a part in whether someone will shop with you.


As it is something that is so important, what can you do to help to improve the online presence of your business? You could seek help from a digital marketing company if you’re not sure where to start or don’t have the time to do this kind of thing yourself. But if you do want to understand it more and take some steps yourself, then here are some ideas to help.


Get to grips with SEO

As there are algorithms that can change across digital platforms all the time, getting to grips with SEO (search engine optimization) is a tactic that can help to improve the online presence of your business. When you improve your website’s SEO, then you are helping your site to get found. When you look at your on-site SEO, it is all around the content that you produce, making sure that it is including external and internal links, as well as researched for the right kind of keywords that you want to rank for. 


Backlinks and stellar website

There is also off-site SEO to consider, which is making sure that your website itself is set up well, it loads quickly, and there is some simple structuring to your URLs. Backlinks is another aspect of this, as it shows to a search engine that your site must have value, as a range of other sites are linking to it. Google My Business and keyword planner are also other things that are a must for small businesses wanting to get seen online.


Research influencer marketing

If you want to improve your social media presence, which is part and parcel of improving what else you do online, then it is a good idea to engage with popular influencers in your niche. If you sell clothing, then there are a range of influencers to choose from that align with your brand, for example. For travel brands, there will be another group of people to look at, from YouTube to social media. When an influencer has a loyal following, then they will see what they think of something, before deciding whether it is what they want or not. Even if it just gets more people hearing the brand name and talking about you online, then it can be a good thing.


Content creation is really key, whether it is you doing it or someone else on your behalf. There are many opportunities to improve your online presence, so just make sure that you are going all that you can.