How To Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly


In order to continue living in this wonderful world we live in, it’s important we all make the necessary changes to keep our environment clean and healthy. As a business, that’s a responsibility that cannot be avoided, and so there’s a lot that you can do in order to ensure your business is doing everything it can in order to be environmentally friendly. Here are some helpful tips to do just that, and to lead by example for other businesses but also for your staff.

Teach Your Staff To Recycle More

Firstly, it’s good to educate your staff on how to recycle properly. There’s a lot more now that can be widely recycled, and so it’s worth putting a break down of this on your bins where possible. This can help your staff to distinguish what can be recycled and what is classed as waste before simply throwing everything all into one bin. It’s a bit of admin work that might take your reception team or operations team some time to implement in bigger buildings, but it’s worth doing. Recycling doesn’t just end in the kitchen though, as it expands to all areas as the business. Ink cartridges, for example, are something that can now be reused and recycled. You’ve also got free and paid for services that can come and collect various different items that can be disposed of in the right manner or taken apart to be reused for new objects.


In reality, a lot of what we use can be recycled or reused as something else, so teach your staff what can be saved, and hopefully, this will be something that transfers in their own personal lives too.


Introduce A Paperless Organization

A paperless organization is one that can be really handy in helping save the environment and to reduce the number of trees we’re cutting down in order to make paper. As a business, you might use a staggering amount of paper, and it’s something that’s just not really needed as much anymore. Of course, there are occasions where there may be paper needed, but in the working environment, a lot of documents that we see and read from might be useful to be sent via PDF or a document that can be viewed online. Reducing your paper wastage can also be handy on your business funds, too, as it can end up saving a lot of money. It’s not just the paper but also the other things you use for printing and also filing in terms of storage options.


Look at how realistic it would be to introduce it and give it a go. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to do.


Reduce Utility Bills & Wastage

Utility bills can often be a sizeable amount of money per month, and that can all affect the profitability of your company. The more you can save in your utility bills as a business, the better. One way you can start is to use blue dye tablets in order to detect a leak. These can be great for pinpoint water leakages throughout the company and to therefore ensure, less water is being lost. Teaching your staff to be warier of their own water usage in the workspace but also things like turning off computer monitors at the end of the day is also important. 


These little changes may not seem like much but they can make a bigger difference if done regularly and by as many staff members as possible. Those savings can end up benefiting the company in other ways, as well as boosting the income of your staff members to some degree.


Be Flexible With Remote Working

Remote working has become more commonplace thanks to the recent pandemic, and it’s something that’s likely to remain this way in the future. Remote working can be a great way of adding flexibility to someone’s life, and when it comes to your staff, it’s good to give them the flexibility that they need when they need it. Look at how you could implement more remote working as this can help you save money on utility bills and the overall cost of running the building itself. Remote working can be very helpful and can be just as productive as when the staff is in the office if organized correctly. It’s worth looking at your current setup and introducing your IT support to make it better where needed.

Replace Old Technology & Appliances

Your old technology and appliances can end up being a hindrance to your utility bills and to the productivity of your staff. If you’re using equipment or appliances that just aren’t working like they used to, then it can be really frustrating. It’s worth having a budget set up for your technology requirements to ensure all staff has the most updated equipment possible the same goes for your appliances and using more energy-efficient ones where possible. Again, it’s also essential that you’re recycling this equipment in the proper manner to ensure they’re being reused again or recycled for things further down the line.


You might also wish to install a smart meter to get an understanding of what appliances are, perhaps using up most of the energy within your building on a daily basis. It can be really handy to pinpoint these problem areas.


Use Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Suppliers

In order to lead by example when it comes to being eco-friendly, it’s worth looking at who you’re partnered with. This can be sponsors for your brand at events to the suppliers you use on a daily basis. It’s worth looking at changing these where it’s needed in order to use those who are more conscious about the environment, whether it’s the transport of good to the packaging they use for your products. The more eco-friendly suppliers you can work with, the better example it sets to other businesses who are in your industry and beyond.


Making your business more environmentally friendly certainly has its benefits, so use these tips to implement them into your own.