How To Perfect Your Train Advertisement Campaigns


Are you considering train advertisements? Or do you already utilize train advertising but think you can do it better? Read on to discover how you can perfect your train advertising campaigns! 

Train Advertising: What Is It? 

Train advertising is a form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising that utilizes trains and train stations to market to the commuting and traveling public. Much like busses and other forms of transportation ads, train ads can be an effective way to get your brand in front of the masses. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Before you take the deep dive into all that there is to know about train advertising, you need to have a good understanding of price points and what to expect.  


Train advertising campaigns have a wide range of options that could be a good fit for any budget. Depending on many variables like whether your ad is digital or static, inside or outside the train, location of the station, and many others, the prices will typically range between $50 and $2,000. For total takeovers like station domination, you can expect to pay $25,000 to $75,000. Both of these ranges are for a four-week-long campaign. 

What are the Different Types of Train Advertisements

To perfect your train advertising campaigns, you must first understand the types of train ads you can place and how they can benefit you. There are many different types that all serve different purposes or even attract different types of people. So, research them all, and decide which ones will be best for your ad campaign. 

Digital, LED, and Video 

If you are really looking to grab the attention of those waiting for their next train or sitting on a train with nothing to do, digital is not a bad way to go. Digital platforms allow for creative flexibility, including videos, static images, or a mixture of the two. The more eye-catching, the more likely your ad will be noticed and remembered. 

Backlit Diorama 

Do you want to keep your ad simple and classy? Many people respect that. A great way to do that at a train station is by placing your ads on backlit dioramas. These are essentially tiny indoor billboards that are backlit. Typically located in the middle of walkways throughout a train station, these are a great way to get your ads some attention. 

Urban Panel 

Do you want to attract train travelers as well as bystanders? Why not place an ad outside? Urban panels are located outside of train stations and, especially in large cities, are a great way to reach the general public. 


Do you want your ad to be less intrusive than digital ads and backlit dioramas but remain just as visible? If so, a 2-sheet is likely the choice for you. These are posters placed along walkways for people to see while traveling to their platform. 

Train Wraps 

Have you ever seen bus wraps or car wraps while commuting to work? These are very effective forms of advertisement that lend themselves to commuters. Well, did you know train wraps exist as well? Placing an ad on the outsides of trains is a great way to reach every train traveler as well as bystanders in each town it travels through. 

Station Domination 

Do you want to place ads in train stations but are worried that they will be lost in the clutter of what seems like thousands of ads? This is understandable. If this is you, you should consider station domination. While this is the most expensive option for train station advertising, you can completely cover the place with your ad. So, no matter where the travelers look, your brand will be there. 

Cards for Interior Cars 

Last but not least, cards for interior train cars are a great option. Everyone gets bored and starts looking around while traveling on a train. So, be there and give them something interesting to look at while they ride. 

Knowing the Possibilities 

Knowing what is possible is key to perfecting your train ad campaign. You do not want to just place an ad in any station or train car. You want to do your research and choose stations and trains with maximum impact. This often means investing more money into ads in bigger cities and more widely used trains. 

Know Who You Are Advertising To  

Understanding who you are advertising to is perhaps the most critical step in the entire process. Your design and marketing team need to make an ad that is eye-catching, memorable, and informative. This can be nearly impossible to do if you do not know who will be seeing it. So, research the stations, learn the demographics that typically frequent these stations, and create ads that target them. 

Go For It! 

There is a lot of research needed to perfect a train advertising campaign. But it is doable! You just have to figure out what type of ads you want to place, where you want them to be, and how you want to design them. Once you do this, it’s as simple as going for it. So, get started today!