How To Prepare For A Sucessful Business Exhibition


Exhibiting at a trade show is a powerful way of expanding your market share. While a trade show helps you to boost awareness of your brand, it is also a great way to network and see what is going on in your industry.


However, participating in a trade show necessitates a budget, and you will not have the expected return on investment (ROI) if you have not prepared enough beforehand. Here, we look at how to optimize your preparation to ensure that you are as successful as you can be at your trade show. 

Identify what you want to achieve and your budget.


Knowing why you want to exhibit is the initial step towards the success of a trade show. Do you want to increase the awareness of your brand? Create additional revenue? Launch a new product? Having a specific objective in mind will keep you focused.


Although it is important to have a good grip on your budgets while setting up your budget, never compromise your business’s visibility for cheap short-term arrangements. What might seem reasonable and appealing right now could be detrimental in the longer term. Sometimes, it is important to spend money to make money, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. 


Plan your stand


Once you have your budget in mind and you know where you will be exhibiting, you need to think about the other things involved. First of all, your transport and any overnight accommodation which may be required for you and your staff. Remember, booking as soon as possible means that you are more likely to be able to take advantage of cheaper, early-bird deals, saving you some money. You also need to think about the stand itself – will you have framed SEG banners or digital displays? You want to make your stand as visually eye-catching as possible for maximum exposure.


Tell people about it


There is little point exhibiting at a trade show if no one knows that you are going to be there. The best thing to do is to send regular emails to your mailing list as well as social media content to let people know where you will be and what you will be doing. If you are planning to speak at the event, be sure you mention that as well. The more meaningful the content, the better chance you have of getting attention and attracting an interested audience.


Network, network, network


Prior to the show, take a good look at the list of exhibitors. That way, you can suss out your rivals as well as potential customers you want to negotiate and network with. You can establish a list of people you want to meet, organized by sectors, and stands, making it easier to organize your time there. 


Choose your team


Train them extensively, clearly explain the goals and what is involved, and motivate them for success. Allocate them tasks that will earn them incentives on completion and performance. This would motivate them to get out of their comfort zone and perform well. Remember, the more comfortable and relaxed that your employees are, the more effective they are.