Improving Efficiency in the Construction Business


Falling behind in the construction business can mean greater expense and a poorer reputation, but despite what a great many people in and outside of the industry think, it is not inevitable. There are numerous things you can do to improve efficiency in the construction industry…


Plan more effectively


Spending a little more time planning your projects, including how much materials you’ll need, what equipment you’ll use and how best your employees can use their time, is a simple way to cutting down on wasted time and money, and bringing a project in on time.


Buy more efficient equipment


If you’re using older equipment, chances are you aren’t being as efficient as you could be. For example, swapping your old rock mixer for one of pugmills and concrete mixers, which is more stable and easier to maintain, will save you a whole lot of time over the years, as will switching to a decent bookkeeping app over doing your own books/ employing someone to do them. These are just two examples – see what’s available and make the switch.


Use construction management software


Although we’ve discussed using the latest tech above, it’s worth giving construction management software its own section. Why? Because it’s the single most important thing you can do to improve your efficiency. It will help you to keep the whole project organized without the need for lots of papers and files, which can get lost, mixed up and moved around, wasting more time than necessary.


Use Building Information Modeling


Building Information Modeling is a process that used digital representations of the buildings you are planning to erect to help you plan what it will look like, how many people will be required on-site each day, and a whole host of other things that will allow you to build the most efficient building you can possibly build.


Give Your staff a bigger input


One of the things that many construction company owners get really wrong is ignoring their staff. The fact is that all of your workers, from the lowest to the highest up, have experience, knowledge, and ideas that could help you to make efficiencies if only you would ask. They are out there working on projects day to day and they might just have hit on a better way to dig the foundations or they may have experience of a more efficient piece of software to use, so ask for their input and see what happens.


Make training a priority


In a similar vein, if you want to improve the efficiency of your building projects, spend a little more money on training your staff. The more knowledgeable they are in as many areas of construction as possible, the more capable they’ll be int he field, and the less likely it’ll be that your project runs behind.




So many projects run over because the people in the offices and the people on the field are working at cross purposes, Make sure EVERYONE working your projects know exactly what’s expected of them and when, and feedback regularly and things will only get better.


Construction and efficiency aren’t always easy bedfellows, but you can make improvements, and the ideas above will help you to make a start with that.