Marketing Software Tools you Need in 2021



If you intend to improve your digital marketing performance this year you will need to know how the ground lays. You may think you already have an effective digital marketing enterprise set up, but how good is it in relation to the competition who are keeping up with the latest trends? 


Instead of using multiple platforms or multiple windows to manage your social media accounts, why not just use the one and schedule posts regularly? It’s cheaper and arguably more effective. Or what about a software solution that gives you an entire digital marketing suite at a competitive price? This article has everything you need to know. 

Buffer or Hootsuite

When you run an online business you need a functional website and effective social media presence. Managing your social media accounts is an integral part of running your business successfully and tends to require third party software to operate successfully. Both Buffer and Hootsuite give you excellent value for money. 


These software solutions allow you to schedule posts across your social media accounts whenever you want, unlike the conventional web hosting options. These solutions also give you valuable data about your posts like clicks, retweets, likes, favorites, mentions, and potential views. This data can effectively optimize your business. 


These days around 3.8 billion people use social media, globally, it is no longer a platform for interacting with friends and family but a useful commercial enterprise that needs investment and proper management tools. Buffer and Hootsuite are the ground zero of social media marketing software in 2021. 


Not every business website and online enterprise will be perfectly optimized, you may have one that is sufficient for your purposes and seems to perform well enough  but that doesn’t mean you can’t get more out of it. Wishpond in the software you need if you want to fill in the gaps and raise the standard of your website and online performance. 


Wishpond can improve the performance of your business by making your website more modern and attractive. It offers a wide ranging toolkit that allows you to create attractive and functional landing pages, online identity investigation, email lists, and more quickly across all devices. Furthermore, Wishpond will integrate effectively with social media giving you options to create contests and promotions. 


After Buffer and Hootsuite, Wishpond is your foundational digital marketing software solution. It is an all-in-one toolkit that gives you everything you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your business, including email, social media, campaigns, pop-ups, and landing pages. 


If you’re a small to medium sized business looking to gain a foothold in the world of social media you might find it challenging to compete against the big corporate brands. They have the majority of social media channels covered with high-cost long running brand ad campaigns.


Enter Instagram. Although it’s owned by Facebook, Instagram somehow avoids the big brand advertising model that is so successful elsewhere and makes space for other voices. While Facebook displays slick corporate ads, Instagram is more interested in promoting personalised content with more Insta-appeal. 


The Instagram affiliate program along with it’s particular audience means that Instagram has more to offer small and medium sized businesses. If you can successfully connect with the affiliate network then it’s down to your product and how well it connects with the site’s audience. 

Facebook Post Boost 

Although Facebook is dominated by the big brands running expensive ad campaigns over the long term, there are ways for you to make an impact as a small to medium sized business. You just have to know what’s available and how to use it. 


Facebook Post Boost is one service you won’t want to miss out on. Unlike an official ad the post boost allows you to set up a social media post like an advert. You can select a target audience based on specific criteria and apply a budget to it. 


These posts are smaller and more manual to operate than the high budget campaigns with long run times, but they can be just as effective. Set up your Facebook Post Boosts weekly and you will slip through the gaps of your competitors automated ads. 

Twitter Explore

In terms of marketing, Facebook and Instagram are much more effective than Twitter for advertising and falling up on leads. For instance, Facebook and Instagram can easily carry a user from ad to landing page, to conversion. With Twitter it’s a little more difficult, a little more clunky. 


As a result many businesses of a certain size are opting for other platforms and leaving their Twitter accounts to effectively dry up. The logical thing might be to do the same and compete where the grass is greenest – or you could use the trend to your advantage. 


A swing towards Facebook and Instagram means there is less competition in the Twittersphere. While it’s not easy to gain traction there without high profile connections and influential retweets, neither is it impossible. With a bit of effort in this direction you could find yourself in a hive of new activity. 

People Per Hour 

People Per Hour isn’t exactly a software solution but it can be. The website connects businesses with freelancers and gives you access to an endless supply of professional services at your fingertips. If you think it isn’t worth investing in freelancers this year, think again, they can bring a wealth of value to your business. 


There is so much to organise these days for a successful online business. There is content to create, ads to make up and publish, social media channels to manage, and graphics to design. You can’t be expected to do all this yourself and luckily you don’t have to either. The freelancers at PPH can make up the shortfall. 


Hiring freelancers is now a commonplace practice in the world of digital marketing. Freelancers specialise in their subjects, they are easy to access and they provide excellent turnaround times. This is the main point. You probably need your DM solution quickly and freelancers are the way to get it. 

Google Search Console 

No business should be without Google Search Console, or at least an analytical software solution that’s like it. The Google Search Console can tell you where your website traffic comes from along with vital stats that can help you optimistic your digital marketing strategy. The Google Search Console is free and extremely user friendly. 


While Google Search Console has many clear advantages, it also has some drawback worth a mention. The software collects traffic data about users visiting your website but if they arrive via a VPN or third party app, they might not get registered. Some paid software solutions might compensate for this but the Google Search Console still offers excellent value. 


Using the Google Search Console you can analyse, maintain, and improve your website search engine ranking performance. That means the organic performance of your website in search engine results. It will also ensure that Google can locate and crawl your website effectively and that there are no errors that might affect your ranking position. 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the software solution you need if you have an established online strategy and want to take the next steps. The software collects vital stats and data from all your social media channels and allows you to manage it all in one place. Say goodbye to sporadic emails and missed messages from social media accounts. 


This software would suit more advanced social media users wanting to access several channels at once and deal with several accounts. With Sprout Social you can correspond with your active social media users and schedule content without wasting time with logins and multiple windows.