Order Confirmation Best Practices


It’s one of the most often overlooked marketing tools – order confirmation emails.

Order confirmation emails boast an open rate in the 70 percent range. How could you possibly pass up the opportunity this represents? To that end, these order confirmation best practices can help you improve your customer relations, lower your return rate and your boost your sales. Whether you’re considering how to sell furniture online, makeup, electronics or ebooks, getting your order confirmation emails right will help you drive more conversions.

The Importance of Branding

A generic looking email with a customer’s order details on it could actually lead your patrons to believe their personal information has been compromised. After all, if there is no clear indication the message came from you, it could well have come from anyone.

To prevent this, always include your branding elements in the design of the template upon which the message is delivered. This is also a prime opportunity to reinforce your brand personality for your customers.

Include Key Information

In addition to your branding, the message should contain all of the pertinent details of the order. Ideally, this includes a photograph of the item; along with the name, size, color and quantity of the item(s) ordered.

The order number should be featured prominently, so it will be easy to find if the customer needs to contact you about the order. A summary of al of the relevant charges should be included, along the payment information, the billing and shipping addresses, the method by which the item will be delivered and the anticipated date of its arrival at the customer’s location.

Provide a Correction Strategy

Order confirmation messages tend to be scrutinized carefully. If a mistake in the order is going to be spotted before the product arrives, it will usually happen as a result of reviewing the confirmation. To make filing a correction as easy as possible, include a direct link to facilitate changing the order if necessary. This will go a long way toward minimizing returns, as errors can be caught before the order ships.

Mobile Matters

The format of the message should translate well to any platform upon which it is viewed, whether it’s a desktop machine, a mobile phone, or a pad. Think about it; how often is your desktop computer’s screen the first place you see an email message anymore? Exactly. The same is true for your customers too. The format must be as easy to read on a small screen as it is on a larger one.

Toward this end, you should make sure your contact information is easy to access in the mobile environment. Include a button the user can tap to phone your customer service department without dialing.

Cross Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Launching a new product? Here’s a great place to promote it. Got lamps that would look good with the sofa and end tables on the invoice? Here’s another opportunity to remind the customer. In other words, including information about related products at the bottom of the message is a perfect way to whet your customers’ appetites for more of your offerings. Don’t pass it up. Include links shoppers can click to learn more.

Leveraging these order confirmation best practices will keep your buyers well informed, boost your sales and establish you as a solid professional in the eyes of your customer base. What’s more, with that incredible 70 percent open rate going for them, you cannot afford to pass up the opportunity order confirmation emails represent.