Our Four-Legged Team Members


In our office, we maintain a culture that has a warm-fuzzy feeling of family, but to a greater extent than you might think. One fun and unique thing about Brilliant Energy is that we not only allow, but encourage our team members to bring their pets to the office. We talk a lot about how we love pets, and that is definitely one reason we love to see a little extra fur here, but our reasons go deeper than that. We know that pets in the office provide more than just joy and can be very beneficial to both humans and pets.

It is common knowledge that pets can provide a lot of joy in people’s lives, but they can have a more significant impact on their lives as well. Many people own service animals for a variety of reasons, from helping with physical disabilities to providing emotional comfort and support. When deciding to encourage pets in the office, we were thinking along similar lines.  Pets provide a lot of psychological benefits that help boost the general moods of our team members and the general morale of the office. Plus, we all know that our coworkers are happy to see us, but there’s no excitement quite like a big, slobbery smile running toward you (and honestly, it wouldn’t have the same effect if our coworkers did that).

We all love that our team members want to share their adorable pets with the office, but we know that bringing their pets also provides a lot of benefits for the pets and their humans. Caretakers are pets’ whole world, so a lot of pets love coming to work with their owners to be with them. This provides a great way for new pet owners to bond with their pets early on. The owners have an opportunity to socialize their pets with new people and new things, which makes it easier for pets (an in turn, owners) when they go to the park or the vet.

Our day is always better when pets are in the office.  We are all happy to be here, but our pets take the cake on joyfulness. It’s safe to say that the presence of pets has a lasting effect on us and has become ingrained into our company culture.


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