Selecting the Best Type of Window Decals for Your Business


While moving around, you have seen commercial stores placing some decorative stickers on their windows. These are not just for decorative purposes but also to promote any message. Whether they have some discounted deals going on or have introduced some new items in the menu, placing such window decals will let people know more about it. This method will help the businesses to gain more customers and increase their profitable deals.

So, you know that such decals will act as perfect marketing or promotional tools for the companies. Therefore, the manufacturing companies are now coming up with various kinds of decals to choose from. It is mandatory for you to select the best window decals only after you have checked all the available options. So, let’s get straight into those types first.

  • The window clings:

As quite self-explanatory, these window clings will stick to the surfaces because of static cling. Plastic is the main material used for manufacturing window clings. You can place these clings inside windows and protect them from elements while being visible to the passers-by. Clings are mainly quite easy to place and remove. So, there is no adhesive residue to leave behind. 

The best part is that these clings are reusable. So, they are perfect for those seasonal decorations to be placed every year. But, remember that static clings will not ensure use very well. So, for the durability option, you need to look for other options.

  • Die-cut decals:

There are so many businesses out there, which prefer displaying their name or logo on the front windows of the stores prominently. But, the majority of business owners would like to cover most of the window space, if not all. Others will opt for that squared-off design. The die-cut stickers will take the shape of the graphic without any extra material. Shaping the vinyl to the graphic’s edges will ask for those clean lines without scarifying any extra window spaces.

  • Vinyl lettering:

It is true that a window decal is the most cost-effective way to promote your business and gain maximum traffic. In case you are planning to impress the audience and give them the details, they are looking for, then just the logo of your business won’t do any good. Vinyl lettering comes to the rescue. Here, you can add major details about the business like hours, names, and contact information. This one is a separate option from the die-cut graphics, which are perfect for numbers and letters.

  • Opaque decals:

For this kind of decal printing, a white vinyl sheet is used. It helps in offering that solid background and view from the window remain obscured. The rates for such decals are towards the lower scale so that anyone can make a purchase when needed, and even the start-up companies.

So, make sure to check out all these options and their features before you can finalize the one that seems to match your business tactics well. Get along with the available options before the final call.