Strategic Plans for eCommerce Marketers After the Pandemic Crisis


The coronavirus pandemic has not only shifted our lives upside down, but it has also affected the global economy leading to an economic crisis of epic proportions. This is why you, the professional marketer, have to think of strategic plans to compensate for financial losses, including plans that involve eCommerce marketing. Devising a plan to revamp your business can take a long while, but with patience and optimism, your protective strategies will help your business recover. 


Here are suggested strategies to do this:


Create A Crisis Management Team

You may not have had a crisis management team before, but it’s high time you assemble one. Even if you’re not going to hold meetings where you can physically interact, you can always use the internet and make video calls to come up with plans that will help save your business from the backlash of the crisis. Your crisis management team should be able to communicate reassurances for your customers, affirming that you will still be doing your best to make sure that your products will reach them one way or another. You should also have a spokesperson who can answer any questions regarding how your business is dealing with the crisis. 


Employ A Wide-Range Shipping Service

It is obvious that all your clients are staying at home involuntarily, so the best thing you can do is making sure that your products can reach them with a fast shipping service. To understand how efficient a service can be, you should check out Cahoot, as this will give you an idea of how far you can expand your reach, so you can satisfy all customers. You will also notice a significant rise in your sales, a sign that the satisfaction of your customers has increased. If you employ a competent shipping service that has a far-reaching network of warehouses, then the shipping process will be much faster and the costs will be cheaper. This is probably why all internet-based markets are thriving in these trying times. 


Protect Your Employees

Everyone in the world right now is scared of contracting the virus, so they will avoid human contact at all costs. Your employees might feel the same way. While they are trying to do their jobs, they are going to fear for their lives, which might decrease their efficiency due to this anxiety. Your job is to reassure them and provide them with protection. Avoid forcing them to be outside and try remote working through channels like Slack, Zoom, and Skype. Use a wiki page and add information there regarding the crisis and work policies to keep them up-to-date. Another thing you can do for your employees is to reduce their work hours or workdays.


Stay Tuned To Your Customers’ Needs

Your business is always about satisfying your customer’s needs and as these needs change, you will alter your methods and products to fit their expectations as well. Like your employees, your customers might be stressed due to the global anxiety we’re all exposed to. This is why you should try to communicate with them, listen to their suggestions and reply to what they have to say. As a marketer, you have to ask yourself “how can I show support to my customers?” You don’t have to go to great lengths to show support. Making discounts, for example, or offering service for people in need will show how supportive you are.


Increase Your Activity Online

Because almost all people are now spending their free time at home, you have to invent ways to keep them entertained, preferably through videos, posts, apps, and games. Activities on YouTube, gaming communities, and social media are soaring high in popularity, so you can join this trend with your own apps and videos. You can create content relevant to quarantine activities, like fitness exercises, healthy meals, etc., as this will help increase your number of followers and keep your customers engaged.


Adjust Your Advertising

You need to be careful of where you place your advertisements and what context you’re putting them in. For example, ads that promote traveling, especially anywhere near China, can have a negative impact on your public picture. What is known as contextual targeting is at play more than ever, so use AI techniques that will help you analyze your ads and make sure that they are placed in the right and relevant context. 


Because the world is now suffering from the setbacks of the coronavirus pandemic, eCommerce marketers are treading a fine line between success and utter failure. The only way to combat these complications is by adjusting marketing strategies to target what the consumers need and follow up with the latest news of the COVID-19 pandemic.