Taking Good Care Of Your Employees: Advice For Business Owners


A happy, healthy team is a productive, efficient team. If you own a business, your employees can make the difference between sinking and swimming. It’s crucial to take steps to look after your staff. Here is some essential advice to bear in mind.


Health and safety

Every business owner has a legal responsibility to protect their employees from illness and injuries. It is vital that workers are able to operate in safe places and that they have access to the equipment and training they need to do their jobs with minimal risk. As an employer, you will be held liable for accidents that occur as a result of negligence


and failing to comply with guidelines and  Carry out regular risk assessments, encourage employees to report worries or raise concerns and take action swiftly if there are issues.



Getting to know employees

The people who work for a business are the heart and soul of the company in many cases. If you depend on a group of people to make your business work, it’s critical to get to know them and to spend time with them. Understand how people operate, how they feel about working with others and what they want to achieve. Create strong teams that comprise individuals that will gel together and take steps to avoid conflict. Personality tests, surveys and face-to-face meetings can all be beneficial to help you build a rapport and gain an insight into what makes each person tick. For more information, you can take a look at the introduction to the Enneagram test and read the different personality profiles. The results of character tests can help you understand people better and adjust the way you work to get the best out of your team. 


Boosting morale

The average US adult spends 37 hours per week at work. If you’re an employer, you want people to come to work full of energy and enthusiasm, rather than having an office full of individuals watching the clock. Productivity and performance are crucial, but it’s also wise to monitor morale. Organize regular meetings, ask your employees how they are feeling, keep a close eye on workloads and set realistic targets. Encourage and promote progress, provide opportunities and reward effort and achievements. If your team has been working flat out on a project, and you’re happy with the outcome, show your employees that you are grateful. Even small gestures like putting some money behind the bar for an after-work drink on a Friday, or organizing a meal out can make a positive difference. It’s also a good idea to break up the working week and try to inject a bit of fun. Socializing together, planning events like charity sports events or enabling people to take half an hour off to have a massage once or twice a month will boost productivity and lift spirits.

The majority of business owners rely on their staff to oversee the day to day running of the company. As an employer, it is vital to look out for your employees and to protect them as best you can. Providing a safe, welcoming environment and creating a culture that promotes inclusion, compassion and progression can help you achieve optimum results.