How to Keep Your Workers Safe On-Site

Reading Time: 2 minutes The safety of your workers should always come first. Making health and safety a priority on-site is a must to keep workers safe at all times. However, as a business owner, it would be impossible for you to watch your… Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Safely Load and Unload a Flatbed Trailer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Flatbed trailers are a great way to transport cargo, but it is also dangerous when you do not have control. These trucks cannot only cause a danger to you, but also to others on the roadway. With the following tips,… Continue Reading →

Keeping The Business Spaces Safe During COVID

Reading Time: 2 minutes The coronavirus pandemic changes our lives forever, bringing new data to the workplace. In the midst of stricter personal hygiene and protection measures, the canopy desk returns to the forefront, marking the end of open workplaces. At the same time,… Continue Reading →

The Importance Of Taking Health & Safety Seriously

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to running a business, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have taken health and safety seriously from the get-go. If you want to make sure that not only does your business succeed but also retains… Continue Reading →

Amazing Ideas to Help Improve Your Construction Business

Reading Time: 5 minutes Running a modern construction firm can be a pretty exciting career path, and there are a lot of things that play a part when it comes to improving this as much as possible. Try to consider what it takes to… Continue Reading →

How Can Credit Cards Safeguard Your Interest?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all know about the usefulness of credit cards. However, they also help safeguard our interests in more ways than one. Let’s find out how.    They reduce the chance of fraud.   When you pay with your credit card,… Continue Reading →

Ensuring Your Building Exterior Reflects Well On Your Brand

Reading Time: 5 minutes   As a business, we should consider almost any practice and asset we hold to be a marketable factor. For instance, hiring staff is not solely a beneficial means of acquiring talent, they will also reflect the image of your… Continue Reading →

Why You Need an Office Maintenance Checklist

Reading Time: 2 minutes Effective office maintenance requires a lot of forward-planning. With so many things to consider, it’s always useful to create an office maintenance checklist that you can tick off as you go. A written or electronic reminder will help to ensure… Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Keep Your Staff Safe

Reading Time: 4 minutes Employee safety should be a priority for any business owner or entrepreneur. Still, because not all situations and environments are the same, it can be challenging to identify which areas you need to focus on the most. Doing so will… Continue Reading →

An Employer’s Guide to Creating a Safety Plan post COVID-19

Reading Time: 3 minutes The United States has started trickling back to life, county by county, state by state. Many businesses continue to operate full-remotely, so before your business rushes to reinstate what was considered normal three months ago, it’s time to put a… Continue Reading →

Taking Good Care Of Your Employees: Advice For Business Owners

Reading Time: 2 minutes A happy, healthy team is a productive, efficient team. If you own a business, your employees can make the difference between sinking and swimming. It’s crucial to take steps to look after your staff. Here is some essential advice to… Continue Reading →

Safety First: Ensuring Your Business Is Secure And Protected

Reading Time: 2 minutes In order to get a business off the ground (and in order to keep it flowing for many, many years), you need to make sure it’s completely protected from any danger. In the world of business, there are so many… Continue Reading →

Key Ways To Protect Your Business When You Reopen

Reading Time: 2 minutes Across the US, we are now starting to see states begin to move into a second stage of the lockdown. Measures are being restricted which is allowing a lot of businesses to reopen. There is some evidence to suggest that… Continue Reading →

Protecting Your Staff During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Reading Time: 2 minutes All businesses have been affected by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Yours may have been forced to close its doors temporarily if you have a brick and mortar store or office, or you may have been forced to focus… Continue Reading →

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you haven’t heard much about Coronavirus, you’re not paying enough attention. Business leaders everywhere should have their eyes on the news right now because Coronavirus isn’t just something that affects our seniors and our vulnerable communities; it’s affecting businesses… Continue Reading →

How Do You Know If You Have A Safe Working Environment?

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to running a company, it’s safe to say that you’re going to have a lot to keep track of. When you’re a solopreneur or you just start out, it’s usually just you that you have to manage… Continue Reading →

Revitalising Your Business Scene

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your business might be looking a little dreary lately; it’s whitewashed and boring, and there seems to be little to no life inside the four walls you work out of. Of course, it still functions properly, and you’re proud of… Continue Reading →

Tips For Keeping Your Employees Safe

Reading Time: 2 minutes The health and safety of your employees should be one of your top priorities. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run; there are potential dangers with any type of job. Making sure you have policies and procedures in… Continue Reading →

Efficiency and Safety on the Farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes No matter what industry you work in, ensuring that everyone is safe and utilizing efficient protocols is always important. This is no different on a farm, where multiple people are often working using dangerous equipment, dealing with the outside elements… Continue Reading →

Workplace Health And Safety Breaches

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every employer has the responsibility to provide their employees and the general public with a safe working environment. This is a duty placed upon them by law. Therefore, if you have suffered an injury because of poor health and safety… Continue Reading →

Health And Safety Advice For New Businesses

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s important to look in detail at the safety of your business if your niche is a little outside of the norm. Factory workers for example or building and construction. You’ll need to be well versed with all the safety… Continue Reading →

The Issue Of Safety In The Warehouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes For any business that needs one, the warehouse is always going to be an important part of the whole structure, and it needs to be taken care of in that way. If you are keen to make sure that your… Continue Reading →

4 Ways To Ensure Your Employees Safety

Reading Time: 2 minutes Employees are one of the most crucial elements of your business. They are the ones who help to keep it running efficiently and who ensure everything stays consistent. To ensure that your best employees stick around, they need to know… Continue Reading →

Never Forget These Things When Bringing Vehicles Into Your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s true for just about everyone that our cars are pretty central to our lives. There aren’t many people out there who would be able to function day-to-day without their car. This only becomes more significant when your vehicle is… Continue Reading →

What are the Responsibilities of a First Aider in the Workplace?

Reading Time: 3 minutes First aiders are part of a small group of everyday heroes that often go unacknowledged in our daily lives. It’s usually only when disaster strikes that lead to casualties, sparking panic among people, that they take on leadership roles and… Continue Reading →

Why You Need an Office Maintenance Checklist

Reading Time: 2 minutes Effective office maintenance requires a lot of forward-planning. With so many things to consider, it’s always useful to create an office maintenance checklist that you can tick off as you go. A written or electronic reminder will help to ensure… Continue Reading →

The Secrets Of Workplace Security

Reading Time: 2 minutes Keeping your employees safe and secure at all times is always going to be one of your most important concerns. As long as you are doing that, you will find that much else that you also need to do will… Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Small Lift Table

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you plan to buy a small lift table for your business, you are involved in the -sometimes confusing- decision process. Small lift tables do not take up much space. However, you must be sure that the one you opt… Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why You Need to Rewire An Old House

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the primary reasons why you need to rewire an old house is because failure to do so can be hazardous. Specifically, there’s a chance that a fire can start as a result of aging electrical components. It’s the… Continue Reading →

A Guide to Reducing Workplace Accident Rates from Kherkher Garcia

Reading Time: 2 minutes Despite the fact that there are comprehensive safety requirements for specific industries that employers legally have to adhere to, accidents caused by human error can often still occur as risk factors are easily overlooked. As employers and workers rush to… Continue Reading →

How to get the Best Deal on Auto Insurance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Getting cheap auto insurance though not easy but quite possible at least for a year if you do some good homework. However, to repeat the act over many years can be quite challenging. Many people encounter the problem of premium… Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Ensure Workplace Safety

Reading Time: 3 minutes Safety and security are major concern now a days, be it at home, outdoor or your workplace. Workplace also faces major threats whether external like thieves and robbers or internal like fire, medical emergencies, poor equipment leading to injuries etc…. Continue Reading →

Beyond Mere Aesthetics: 3 Reasons Why Proper Food Packaging Is of Crucial Importance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Proper food packaging is typically a strategic decision by manufacturers. Preservation and marketing of food products are important aspects of packaging, when it comes to efficiently storing and selling the product. While food packaging may be visually pleasing and the… Continue Reading →

Four Must-Dos To Keep Your Staff Safe

Reading Time: 2 minutes As well as feeling valued and making a useful contribution, any staff that you take on within your business also need to know that they’re in safe hands. In other words, an employer who takes safety seriously and has well-thought-out… Continue Reading →

How To Keep Your Business Safe And Secure Online

Reading Time: 2 minutes Safety is paramount in business, and especially in areas where personal data is closely guarded and considered a risk to the individual (and/or the public) disclosed. The threat of online breaches is very real, and they can cost businesses money,… Continue Reading →

Church Shootings Surpass School Shootings 3 to 1 Over the Last 15 Years Says Pastor and Author

Reading Time: 3 minutes Book cites statistics and security methods used by the Secret Service to secure the President and public Houston, Texas (June 18, 2018) – All life is valuable. It seems however that every mass murderer targets those less capable of fighting… Continue Reading →

5 Benefits of Hiring a Waste Management Company for Your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you own a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is running smoothly. When excess waste piles up in your compound, it will make your business appear messy. This is why you should hire a local waste… Continue Reading →

How to Keep your Workplace Health and Safety Compliant

Reading Time: 2 minutes   The health and safety policy of your workplace is paramount, both to protect your employees and your company. Making sure that you stay compliant is no mean feat, especially since the exact regulations seem to change regularly. Here are… Continue Reading →

Radio Interview With Gun Rights Activist and Membership Director for SelfDefenseFund.com – CJ Grisham

Reading Time: 2 minutes CJ Grisham, Founder of Open Carry Texas and Membership Director for SelfDefenseFund.com goes on-the-air regularly on media across the country and internationally to lead the discussions of guns and safety in America. We have an opportunity to feature CJ’s timely… Continue Reading →

Operation Nehemiah: Pastors Education Program

Reading Time: 4 minutes “And He said to them, ‘But now, let him who has a purse take it along, likewise also a bag, and let him who has no sword sell his robe and buy one.’” – Luke 22:36 Article by Andy Valadez,… Continue Reading →

Vehicular Terror: The Easiest Blueprint To Create Mayhem

Reading Time: 5 minutes Article submitted by Dr. Joe Alton, MD of DoomAndBloom.net In these days of smartphone distractions, you’re seeing more and more people oblivious of their surroundings. In the past, this might get you a bump on the head by walking into… Continue Reading →

SelfDefenseFund.com Facebook Discussion Live!

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Join the conversation about self-protection and legal defense at our SelfDefenseFund.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jointhesdf/?fref=ts We showcase stories of survival, feedback from others and other commentary to help you and your family stay safe.  Visit today and introduce yourself to the… Continue Reading →

3rd Annual Katy Christian Ministries & Katy PD 5K Run/Walk Against Domestic Violence

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Katy Police Department Chief Calls on Super Heroes to help raise awareness and funds for survivors. Katy, Texas (October 6, 2016) – In 2015, 996 local survivors of domestic violence were assisted through the Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) Crisis… Continue Reading →

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