Texas Pets Dress for Success in Our Costumed Companions Contest


At Brilliant Energy, Halloween is a pretty big deal. And as many of you know, we love pets. So we decided to combine two things that are both really exciting to us and share it with others! Like we said in our article about community engagement, we really like to use social media to express ourselves and share our brand. For this reason we decided to create a contest on Facebook where pet owners in Texas could submit photos of their pets in adorable costumes!

Our second annual Costumed Companions contest is open for entries October 17th through November 1st.  Anyone in Texas is able to submit a photo of their pet in their cutest, scariest or kookiest costume for a chance to win a $50 PetSmart gift card! Once the photos are up, they can share their pet’s photo and get friends and family to vote for them. Whoever gets the most votes wins!

Costumed Companions is one of several contests and many more fun interactions we have with our customers and community. It’s so fun to see all of the interaction we get and the creativity that goes into pet costuming. And take it from us; Texas has some very photogenic pets!

Be sure to enter your pet into our contest and check out all of our other fun social activities!

Enter the contest here!