The 2019 Restaurant Technology Trends to Make Your Restaurant More Profitable


Many important restaurant technologies will make an impact in 2019, and anyone who runs a casual or upscale business should invest in some of these solutions. This guide highlights a few of the technologies that can benefit a growing business.


Advanced Ordering Solutions


Predictive ordering is an advanced solution that gives businesses a competitive edge. The technology basically tracks orders that happen on a daily basis. Then, it strategically generates a report that predicts which items a staff will use during the next week. All of the predictions are generated from data in a business’s sales history, so the results are usually accurate. If more managers use advanced ordering technology, they can save a lot of time and money using the data that’s featured in the reports. After a manager uses predictive ordering equipment strategically for several months, the business will gain the following benefits:


  • Less food waste: Food waste piles up when chefs buy ingredients and fail to use them. Over time, certain items will spoil while they’re inside a refrigerator or cabinet. The data that an advanced ordering system compiles helps a manager avoid ordering products that aren’t needed, which greatly reduces waste.


  • Ordering perks: As predictive ordering systems operate, the software transmits orders digitally. This process is practical because it helps the business save time and money.



Customer Ordering Solutions


Customer ordering technology is evolving, which is beneficial since the newest software developments give consumers big advantages when they make orders. The structure of a customer ordering tool is simple; basically, the application has tools that let consumers place orders on a smartphone. Customer ordering solutions are very beneficial because they help people avoid long times.


Enhanced Training Options


As the foodservice industry grows, more positions will become available for cooks, chefs, and servers. When most people begin working in the food service industry, they may not know how to complete routines according to different policies. In these situations, modern learning software helps managers train new hires so that they will perform well on the job.


Great training solutions give new hires advantages in various ways. For example, if a workshop involves repeated activities, new hires will develop vital skills gradually following each training exercise. As certain individuals repeat training routines regularly, they’ll quickly establish their goals in the restaurant. Career paths are important because focused employees are able to grow with a business, and they will stick around for promotions.


Point of Sale Systems


Point of sale systems in 2019 have great tools that benefit employees and customers during transactions. In a restaurant, quick key systems speed of the process of processing transactions when a long line runs to cash registers. By pressing one button, a cashier can calculate the total for a menu item or a drink using a POS system. POS units for mobile routines are beneficial as well. These systems help employees process orders when they’re away from a cash register. A mobile POS system uses cloud services, so they will complete secure transactions indoors and outdoors.