The Importance of Promotional Products at Events and How to Make It Work for You


Whether you’re attending a public event or hosting a corporate event, one of the most important aspects to remember is to always have promotional items. While it can seem like a costly investment, there are actually plenty of benefits that come with handing out these free items to your guests. In fact, it’s one of the most interesting ways to spread knowledge of your brand at an event, and your promotional items can help spread your name around your industry.


So in this post, we’ll be explaining why it’s so important and how you can make it work for you.

Why should you bother with promotional items?


Let’s start by talking about why you should bother with promotional items.



  • It’s an effective form of marketing because promotional items are actually very inexpensive to manufacture if you look at the right services. This makes promotional items one of the most low-cost effective marketing strategies available to businesses that attend events.




  • Increased exposure at events and overall mean that you’ll have an easier time getting noticed. A lot of people actually wear and use your promotional items at events, meaning your brand will be spread around. It’ll increase the chances that someone takes notice, recognizes your brand and decides to pay your booth a visit.




  • It’s essentially a business card since it has your company’s name and details on it. When you hand out these items, your recipient might look back at it in the future and decide to contact you as a customer or for partnerships. It’s all about networking.




  • It gives a good impression because it shows that you’re willing to invest in products that can put a smile on your customer’s faces, or give them something that isn’t wasteful.



As you can see, there are quite a few unique advantages to promotional items, but how can you make this work for your specific business?


Things to consider when creating promotional items


First, make sure you’re creating something that people can actually use. A great example would be small power banks that guests can use to charge their devices. Power banks are incredibly useful at events where you might not have access to an outlet, making them extremely attractive if they’re free.


Secondly, make sure that anything wearable you offer isn’t completely filled with your branding. Shirts are a novel way to promote your brand, but nobody wants to become a walking advertisement for you. Make it subtle, such as branded socks from or accessories such as a keychain. These are far more likely to be worn while still acting as a business card of sorts with your information on it.


Lastly, make sure the items are made to your standards. Nobody wants to receive a cheap-feeling product even if it was free. They want to know that your brand cares about appearances and is willing to make a high-quality product that reflects the trustworthiness and reliability of the company. Even if it’s something small or insignificant, it needs to be long-lasting, durable and proudly show your brand off.