Tips To Create Effective Print Ads on a Tight Budget


When you lack time and resources to get professional print ads, creating attention-grabbing copies without the help of printing services can be daunting. However, it’s possible to produce powerful ads, even on a tight budget. If you are trying to create print ads for your business, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Know what you want to convey

The primary role of print ads is to share information about your business with the target audience. To do so, you need to know exactly what information you want to convey. What services are you offering? How will your product help solve their problem? Why should they come to you? To create compelling print ads, you need to have a clear message to share.

Select your imagery wisely

While you decide to include images in your print copy or not, ads with visuals are found to be more attention-grabbing than those with no visuals. If you choose to include visuals in your ad, use graphics in vector format for entertaining ads. On the other hand, it’s good to use photos to leave a deeper impact on the viewers’ minds. If you face trouble choosing the right visual, consider getting professional assistance from an advertising or wholesale printing service.

Use only high-resolution images

Whether you plan to print your message on brochures or banners, it’s important to know the difference in DPI (dots per inch) for print designs and web designs. Usually, the DPI for web copies is 72, whereas print ads require 300 DPI. When creating print copies for your business, use high-resolution images and graphics.

Font matters

Although many fonts are easy to read in almost all mediums, some are designed specifically for print. Choosing the right font and size will help your ads to avoid ink bleed. The most commonly used fonts are Verdana, Century Gothic, and Helvetica for their overall versatility.

Include a Call to Action (CTA)

One of the goals of print ads is to get a direct response from your existing and potential customers. This is why it’s extremely important for you to include a call to action to tell the readers exactly what you want them to do. Failure to do so will leave your potential customers figuring out what they should do, and most of the time, they will leave.

Reasons Why Color Printing Is Advantageous for Businesses Advertising 

Both big and small businesses can make use of color printing. There was a time when the cost was the reason for businesses to not go color printing as they simply just couldn’t afford it. But that scenario has completely changed, with color printing becoming more affordable than it ever was. Below are the reasons why businesses should get in touch with custom printing services to avail of color printing benefits.

Good For Impressing Customers

A business will stay in business as long as the customers are there. Due to this reason, it is important to always have the customers’ attention on your products and services. How do you achieve that? You achieve that by employing crisp, bright visuals. It is important for you to connect with your external customers through the magic of colors.

And as for the internal customers, which includes the upper management, cleverly using color printing to showcase new products or initiatives will prove extremely effective.

Effective Way of Conveying Messages

Your business will survive quite comfortably if it deals in text-only documents, which can be easily produced through monochromatic office printers. But if you need to print images and graphics and you do that in black and white, then you’re just wasting your time and money both as a result what you’re expecting isn’t going to come. A color printer used to produce colorful communication products to convey information can help you achieve desired results. Your message through colorful, vivid brochures, business cards, banners is more effectively delivered.

Give a Professional Look to Your Business

Imagine flyers that are of black and white color in your restaurant or some other business. Do you think that customers will have a good impression of your business when they first see a lackluster-looking flyer and then pick it up to actually read it? You do not want to risk your business’ impression by using cheap-looking flyers. That is why it is best to use materials printed in color to give your business a more professional look with the help of quality printing services.

Colorful Products Help Retain Message

Studies have concluded that messages conveyed through clever use of colors are better retained in the minds of the receivers. So, if you want your message or information to find a strong place in the minds of the potential consumers, start using color printing for all your marketing and advertising purposes.

Bottom Line

Creating effective print copies doesn’t have to be troublesome, provided you know what to include to make your ad attention-grabbing.