Top Secrets Of The Best Employers


Most organizations want to be seen as a great employer. It opens up doors for not only business to business work but also securing the best talent. 

Organizations that are able to listen to their employees, reacting to feedback ad ideas are often more user-friendly, innovative, and customer-focused. There will always be organizations that stand out from the crowd and excel ar listening to their employees. But what exactly sets these companies apart from others? 


For a lot of companies, becoming a great employer and been considered one of the top employers around the local area and perhaps even broader, is something they can be proud of and something they can sometimes count on when it comes to surpassing their competition. 


Below we are going to have a look at some of the things that makes the top employers the best in the game: 


An Inspiring Board 


With most companies, you will find that the executives only ever come away from their ivory tower once every quarter of the business year. 


They’ll tend to venture down to the cafeteria, or pop into the middle of your day unannounced. They will look at things like the core values, result, and any quarterly balances of the organization. Hardly been seen, speaking to only a minority of employees, and leaving as quickly as they arrived. This is not the best way to inspire your employees, supervisors, or management, so it’s not the best way to get the best from them. Or even give them a reason to stick around. 


An inspiring management team are able to level with their people, really understand the individual people, and how they sit within their team and the business. They will be constantly talking to them and often have an open-door policy which makes all the teams happy and able to approach them whenever they need to. They are able to both deliver what the organization wants and what the employees need. The employees will often be given the freedom to make decisions alone within a set time frame.  


An Attractive Direction


Many employees are seeking something for society. They will often look for a meaning behind their work and question whether it’s relevant. It’s important for organizations to clearly define their social mission, and teach their employees exactly what they are doing for society. It helps to motivate them and give them a purpose behind their work.  Formulate a social mission, and make it something that your employees can both understand, communicate with others, and be proud of. Make sure you tell your employees exactly why you are doing what you are doing and what they need to do to help achieve and it and contribute towards it. 


Less Bureaucracy And Rules 


The best employers and the ones who react and perform on trust rather than control. Although rules and protocols are important, so is trusting your employees to do what they need to do. It’s usually the case that employees perform optimally if there are fewer protocols and fewer rules. Some of the rules that could be holding your business back include: 


  • A strict dress code– Surprisingly rigid dress codes including full suits and smart wear above casual wear are still been enforced. Believing that employees are more productive when in business attire, however, enforcing a strict dress code could make your people feel like children who don’t know how to dress themselves in the morning. Unless there is important meetings leave it to them to decide what’s appropriate or not. 


  • Banning remote working and flexibility- This should go completely. If you want to be one of the best employers you need to be able to offer flexibility to your employees. 


  • Requiring your employees to always be available- Understand, your employees need to have a good work-life balance. This means at times they need to be able to completely switch off. You’re not going to get the best from your employees if you don’t allow them proper off time. 


  • Keeping track of bathroom breaks or tea breaks – Don’t restrict how your employee manages their time, feeling like they are been watched or monitored is not a great way to manage. An employee will often have a good reason for wanting a break away from the screen, needing a bathroom break, or a drink. Whether it’s to get away from a difficult task to gather their thoughts or to have a ten-minute break away from the screen, allow them to do this. 


  • Overbearing performance reviews– It’s great to keep track of employee performance, but don’t get caught up on it. Allow them the time to review their own performance first and run it through with them. There will be areas that you feel they do better at and areas that you feel like they could improve, and that’s ok, just don’t become stressed by it. 


Less Management 


Having very little management is very common with some of the best employers. Having fewer layers is always the better choice. You don’t want it to be completely flat, however, ie to the economic crisis, it’s very common to lose several management roles and adapt the existing roles to suit. Organizations are actually coping with this change in a massive way, they are functioning better than before, both in terms of involvement, employee engagement, and financially. This means that management roles agave also changed. From having a hierarchical overload to a serving leader who now shares information and provides employees with valued experience. 


Rather than having manager after manager, try to share out responsibilities and offer extra training. Of course, if you take away a management role and suddenly expect other employees to share the roles, they are likely to be left unmotivated if they aren’t going to reward for it. Getting rid of some management positions and giving more responsivity to your employees, however, allows you the funds to be able to offer higher wages or incentives like a monthly or yearly bonus. You could also make use of supervisor, for those tasks that just need that little bit of extra responsibility or guidance such as health and safety training, or accessing the safe. 


Appreciating Specialists 


You will find that every top employer will very highly appreciate their specialists. They should be seen as valued employees, even though all employees are valued. At the end of the day, you took on a specialist for a good reason, you needed them to complete certain tasks. Don’t underestimate the importance of these skills, and show your appreciation. Your employees are the backbone of your businesses success, so make sure you pay attention to anyone who has worked at certain skills and become specialise in a few areas. 


Another great way to appreciate the specialists within your business and become one of the best employers is build up your current employees and allow them to grow. If you see employees taking on more responsibilities or showing an interest in specialist areas, it’s great to encourage them and aid them with additional training. Gaining your specialists from in-house is a brilliant way to really appreciate the effort that your employee is putting into your business. 


Social Innovation


The best people to ask about innovation and customer-focus are you, employees. They know more about these areas than you know and are often the key to getting it right. Involving more than one organizational strategy, they will be able to experience more value which in turn, impacts their engagement and commitment to your organization. The best employers out there will always make sure they make the absolute most of the innovations and ideas that come from their employees. 


Sharing Information


It’s certainly not a secret that employees feel more appreciated, production, motivated and secure about their work when they have all the relevant information that they need. Feeling like the organization that you are working for are hiding important pieces of information can make you feel as though you are working for an untrustworthy company. This not good for business in the slightest. Whether it’s sharing information about the Most Common Workers Compensation Claims, the issue within the business, or the latest engagement results with your employees, it will all go a long way making them feel involved. 


The best employers always share information. They also benefit from having transparency within all their policies and decision making. This help to ensure that any employees have the information that they need in order to grow and develop. It will also enable them to develop and grow in themselves and the organization. When employees can see the obvious impact that their work directly impacts the overall performance or their organization, they gather a sense of pride that impacts their work engagement. 


These seven tips should help you to become the best employer you can be. They are all recognisable and well-used methods by some of the best employers on the market. Is there anything that you think makes a great employer? Please share some of your thoughts in the comments below.