Travel Hacks: How To Save Money on Business Travel In 2021


For the sake of the environment, as well as that budget, businesses should always look at whether sending an employee abroad is strictly necessary, or whether the power of technology, such as video conferencing, will not work well. Although the need for business travel is not going anywhere, it can take new and exciting forms.

Everyone is trying to save money these days in every area of ​​corporate life. It is no surprise that international corporate travel should come under the microscope. If you do not pay attention to all the important details, it is easy to waste money on commercial hotels and business trips. 

With a little planning for a trip, you will find it much easier to save your company money on a business trip. When it comes to adopting “managed travel”, many companies are slowly catching up with their counterparts in more mature markets such as the United States and Europe.  


Doing What You Can For Employee Productivity

If your business travelers are spending less time organizing their travel, then they are spending more time working – which is not only great for the company but is often used to save money and frustrate employees. The most overlooked part to overcome. We have found that employees share a common frustration when they spend more time doing tasks that can be easily reduced or eliminated with negligible spending on digital tools. 

Save When You Plan Ahead

Either way, it is a golden rule when it comes to saving money to get cheap accommodations. In the world of business travel, it is always wise to book hotels and serviced accommodation in advance as they can dramatically increase prices near time. However, there is nothing to worry about with the signature suite, we are always at the end of the phone and that will ensure a call saying that you did not think is possible. 

Avoid Or Plan For Travel Extras

Additional charges can come in many forms – such as WiFi and parking. While these costs are easily compounded at the end of the journey in most circumstances, the Signature Suite will remove at least that part at no charge. As we are located in the heart of the recreation and business center of Peterborough, you are already in a fantastic location with your stay.

Food And Transport The Real Savers

When it comes to transportation, you should clearly advise employees to choose the most cost-effective way keeping in mind the time of travel. This may include using their own vehicles to travel from A to B and then allowing them to collect their expenses. 

You may find that giving employees control over their food and transportation expenses can actually reduce spending more. Meal expenses can be determined as an overall allowance per day, giving the employee the option of how much to spend individually on breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Big Savings on Flights

Even with useful online search tools, airline tickets can be less expensive, so it should be smart which tickets you book. The easiest way to save money here is to be flexible about travel dates and booking the airline and economy flights you use. However, it is usually cheaper to have a fixed travel plan once booked. However, even without them, we have found that using online and app search tools such as AirlinesMap is widely beneficial for your bottom line.

Cutting The Cost Of Accommodation 

Room rates can vary greatly even within the same hotel, so being smart can result in big savings. You can decide whether you want to let your business travelers choose where they want to live. That’s fine – just make sure you set a budget limit or star rating. You will also want to specify that standard rooms should be the required type of room, and clearly outline whether you will cover minibar fees, wifi costs, etc.

The Pre-Trip Approval Process

Your starter for six has a business travel policy with a pre-approval system for every booking. Make it clear who all have to go for travel approval. This way you will avoid the problem of cancellation after the trip is booked, triggering that dangerous wasteful expense. Take a measure which means that online booking confirmations are sent directly to the travel approver. This way you can take immediate action if the enterprise is out of your travel policy. 

You Can Use Your Business Card

A prepaid credit card, such as a Soldo card, however, can be loaded in advance with the required currency, and the exchange rate locks at that point. This gives employers the opportunity to load the card at a time when the exchange rate is good. The possibility of an employee spending more is also prevented because the card has only a set budget. The employer can monitor spending through a payment control dashboard, and it can be immediately frozen if the card is lost or stolen. 

Airlines Loyalty Programmes

Airline loyalty programs are free to join and offer rich benefits. Signing them up for your business seems like a no-brainer. The points collected can be used to pay for discounted flights, lounge passes, seat upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, or airline-linked shopping brands. Keep in mind that numbers can be used to pay for flights, but not for flight taxes and because the largest proportion of taxes are used by economy flights, in such cases, traveling to business class is a better value for you.