What Your Customers Don’t Like About Your Business


In truth, there could be a whole range of things that potential customers don’t like about your business, but thankfully, these people are usually in the minority. These are people who complain about the smallest thing, and whose custom wouldn’t make much of a difference to your overall trading profits anyway. It’s just fine to forget about these people, and just focus on your actual customer base! 


However, when there’s a mass call for doing something different in your business, you’re going to have to sit up and listen. Because sometimes, when you mean well, you could be operating very badly, and it really shows in the way you treat your customers. This is bad for both your profits margin and the overall perception of your brand, and the sooner change comes about, the better. So, with that in mind, let’s go through some of the most common important complaints below. 

Your Customer Service is Less Than Satisfactory


Customer service is a big part of business. It’s what makes you a reputable brand, and ensures every single person that brings their custom to you walks out with a smile on their face. Of course, it’s hard to satisfy every single person, as we note, but when you have a majority potion of your customer base congratulating you on your conduct, it’s a very good sign of things to come!


However, the route to a point like this can be messy, and filled with mistakes. Most of all, you might have a confusing returns or exchanging policy, or the employees behind the customer service desk aren’t trained in the right ways. These are the most common problems a business with a new customer service initiative are going to run into. 


You need to be able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, but also take time with each and every customer, and that takes a bit of practice and constant reworking of the rules you’ve put in place to ensure every customer is treated fairly. 


You’re Hard to Get in Touch With


Getting in touch with you is something you might not think about; you’ve got a social media profile, you’ve got your company’s details on your website’s home page, and you’ve got a phone line for people to call into as well. However, how often are you checking these contact points? How often are you ensuring there’s no calls waiting, or there are no unread messages? Because there’s a good chance you’ve been neglecting them. 


And that makes you a hard company to get in touch with. People will be waiting around, potentially for days, for you to get back to them, and that simply isn’t good business practice, no matter how busy you are! You need to cut down these wait times, as they’re costing your business in a multitude of ways. 


For example, using a platform like LeadSync could mean potential sales come straight through, and are paid attention to as soon as they happen. This way, you won’t have to chase up any potential leads, and you won’t have to have someone constantly manning a digital chat or an email server. A solution like this could be very good for business; simply by automating your contact details, you’ll be able to keep your customers in the loop, and never miss a vital message. 


Your Company’s Atmosphere is Off


Finally, there might just be an issue with the general atmosphere of your business. People might not feel comfortable shopping with you, or they may run into a lot of trouble when talking or interacting with your employees. 


If your staff are rude or insensitive, even accidentally, it can be very easy to turn people away and generate too many bad reviews to be good for business. Your staff need to be able to hold their own, yes, but they also need the right touch of hand to run customer service right. 


What to Remember


There are some major issues in your business, and any customer that comes through your door can easily notice them. But what can you do to fix this issue? Make sure you’re aware of what your customers are facing when they walk through the figurative door, and you can make the necessary changes to make it much easier to bring profits your way. It’s in your interest to do what the customer wants, so why not take a look around your customer policies right now, and see how well they fit?