Which Is the Fastest Web Hosting Provider?


Slow speed of anything is the worst experience for the users. Whether we are using a device, browsing the internet, or a website, slow speed has a bad impact. So to tackle this slow speed issue most of the web hosting service providers offer fast web hosting services. 

To find the best you only need to explore the mentioned list. When you choose the best web hosting provider then it becomes a golden opportunity. Because it will offer you excellent easy to use features and support. 

So to explore all the features, let’s find the best one and start your own website today.

List of Fast Web Hosting Provider

The below mentioned provider offers the best web hosting services that increase your website speed. Your website users will never face downtime if you choose the services of these hosting providers.

  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Siteground
  • DreamHost


Hostinger is in first position because in the previous two year the company is facing lots of issues. But after the update and rectifying those issues the company became one of the fastest web hosting service providers. It offers 136 ms speed, which is good as compared to its cheap plans. Most companies charge a huge amount to offer this speed. But at a budget-friendly cost Hostinger Offers excellent speed. 

Most of the users prefer Hostinger Services because of its amazing features. The startup plan of hostinger cost $1.39/mo* with a reserve of up to 75%. Whether you want to start a personal website or another one, hostinger is the perfect choice. Hostinger is the best cheap web hosting service provider.

The only drawback is Hostinger does not deal with Dedicated web hosting services.


Bleuhost is worldwide popular for its wordpress web hosting services. The company assures you with its web hosting speed. It provided an average speed compared to Hostinger 153 ms. The services of bluehost cost $2.95/mo* That is a bit costly as compared to the Hostinger services. So, if you want to buy shared web hosting or or VPS then Hostinger is a better choice. 

But, if you want to buy dedicated web hosting then Bluehost is a good choice. The prices of Bluehost Dedicated Hosting are affordable as compared to the other web hosting services providers. Bluehost support services is the other reason most people prefer this web host.


When you search for the best web hosting services provider you will see Hostgator in every list. Because the services of Hostgator are not just excellent, this one is the biggest brand in the web hosting industry. Most of the pros prefer the services of Hostgator because of its reliable web hosting features. This one is the only service provider that offers 99.99% uptime. 

The services of Hostgator starts at $2.39/mo* with all the reliable features. It is budget friendly for professional hosts. The features of Hostgator are amazing and work to host any kind of website. To make its services reasonable for newbies, the company offers an exclusive Hostgator Coupon Code.


Siteground is quite an expensive choice in front of the users. Usually the start up plan of any web hosting provider starts under $2/mo*. But Siteground web hosting services starts at $3.99/mo*. The speed of Siteground web hosting is 139.9 ms. If you compare the price and speed of the siteground then it might not be as good as compared to the above mentioned one. But Siteground’s other features are excellent as compared to its prices. They provide 24/7 support services and an easy to manage interface. It is a good choice if you want to host a business website or online store. The services of Siteground are trusted by 2,800,000 domains.


Dreamhost is an excellent fast  speed and secure web hosting provider. The company provides 100% uptime to its users and 118 ms speed, which is excellent. But, its expensive cost makes its services less affordable for the newbies. But this one is a perfect choice for the business website creator. It is easy to use and shared web hosting plan cost $2.95/mo*. On the DreamHost official website you will get different plans for hosting a website. Recently dreamhost is offering up to 67% off on the purchases of a hosting plan. You have a great opportunity to buy a domain name with a saving of upto 99%.

Conclusion- Fast Web Hosting Provider

We conclude a list of 5 best fast web hosting services providers. They both are excellent in their web hosting services. The only thing you need to decide is which one fits according to your pocket. Get the best one that will help you to host a website without facing any kind of trouble.