10 Apps That Will Enhance Your Business or Facebook Fan Page

Contributor: Angelo Zammit
Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi are regulars on the Radio Talk Show Price of Business & Co-Founders of the multi award winning marketing agency East Coast Loyalty 

Are you utilizing your business or Facebook fan page to it’s full potential? If you’re like 99% of the population then most likely not. And with that being said, you are missing out on a substantial amount of customer engagement, customer feedback and marketing strategies that are completely free to add as a Facebook Tab. For example, you could  benefit from apps like instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Some of the most successful businesses are benefiting a great deal  by adding apps that collect emails, run competitions,  polling, add videos, sweepstakes or even live content. By integrating such simple to add and free use apps, big brands are finding what makes their target audience engage and most importantly buy.

Here Are 10 Great Apps To Add To Your Business Or Facebook  Fan Page

#1. Contact Or Email Capture Form

It’s remarkable and interesting that businesses work extremely hard to provide worthwhile and engaging content for their specific or target audience, but what good is content without a strong following of subscribers. By adding a contact capture form to your business or Facebook fan page it provides you another alternative to build your business’s contact or potential customer’s list. You can also incorporate a contact capture form for specific inbound marketing campaigns to increase downloads of your guides and e-books.

Mailchimp Facebook Integration

By integrating your Mailchimp account with your Facebook page you are able to build your Mailchimp email list.


#2. Instatab

Adding an instagram tab can help your business in a multitude of ways, it’s simply just a smart method to allow your followers to have access to it right there on your Facebook page without ever leaving. Simply put, the more information located in one place helps raise awareness that you are in fact utilizing other forms of social media to promote your business and all are welcome to follow, like, love and share content from any they are also utilizing. With that being noted, i’ve put together some strong benefits  below that will help entice you even more.

Instatab can help you Showcase your Instagram account, Collect user generated content and Increase brand awareness.

Increase your brand’s reach

Showcase moments captured on Instagram and display them directly on your Facebook page.

Boost Engagement

Engage your community, allow fans to vote on their favourite photo and make your Page a fun place to be.

Create brand ambassadors

Setup Instatab to follow a desired hashtag, sit back and watch as fans create content for you.


#3. Pinterest Tab

Pinterest is just a really cool app to showcase your product(s) or Service(s) and it’s extremely simple and easy to apply to your Facebook business or fan page. Businesses can use Pinterest to not only promote their brand, but also to educate their customers on whatever product(s) or service(s) they choose all while doing it in fun ways. You would want to promote useful and reliable content from strong sources to gain the trust of your followers. Your followers will come to think of your account as the go-to place for reliable information about your subject. And as you increase your authority, you’ll continue to build more trust, which could lead to increased customer loyalty and referrals from brand advocates. Cross promoting your Pinterest account with Facebook can only benefit you. It will potentially draw more likes, follows, shares etc. from both your Pinterest followers and Facebook followers alike. Meaning, you could potentially gain more followers from facebook fans to your Pinterest page and vice versa.


#4. Twitter Tab

Twitter is a marketing beast in it’s own right. With 328 million monthly active users as of last count, making Twitter the ninth largest social network in the world i suppose you can see why. Having the ability to reach even a fraction of those potential customers could turn a small business into an empire if the product(s), service(s) and marketing is done correctly and strategically. I personally feel as though Facebook and Twitter go hand and hand as far as marketing goes. So it should by law for lack of better word be connected to your facebook business or fan page and cross promoted.


#5. Youtube

Broadcast your Business or Facebook fan page to a larger audience with the YouTube Tab for Facebook. This valuable app adds a tab to your business Facebook or page, which provides users effortless access to your library of YouTube videos. With an HTML5 YouTube player complete with 720p HD playback, hashtag search, Facebook comment and Like functionality for each individual video, and simple thumbnail navigation, this app successfully migrates YouTube to a convenient space within your Facebook account. Id say this is a no brainer for both promoting and marketing pretty much anything you choose all while giving your audience a complete visual and exact understanding of your product(s) or service(s).


#6. Google Plus

Do I really need to explain why this one will enhance your facebook page, I mean let’s just state the obvious, Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Integrating Facebook with your Google Plus page gives your followers a direct connection to your Google reviews as well as being able to share your content right from your page without ever leaving. I know Facebook also has reviews but Google is just another very reliable source for customers to gain trust for your brand and connect with you on another social networking platform.


#7. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a great addition to Facebook as far as adding things like Interviews on radio shows, talk shows etc. Even music artist have a great deal of television or radio interviews that get overlooked, because unless your Facebook audience is at the right place and right time during the time you post it, odds are it gets lost in the mix and buried amongst the new post, thus never being heard. A simple SoundCloud tab will insure you that those interviews etc. will always be available at all times with the simple click of a button for your audience to enjoy.


#8. Fan Of The Week

Get more people to like your posts. The app awards points to fans based on their liking activity, generating a real-time toplist of fans. Get fans competing against each other on who likes the most posts! Add an extra layer of interaction to your Facebook page by showcasing a “fan of the week“. Fans can apply to get picked and vote for each other. This makes it fun to revisit your page multiple times and entices visitors. Stand out rather than being ordinary, the more your Facebook page has to offer the customer the more likely they are to linger. Having fans share, like or love your content can only result in three things, increase in brand awareness,, lead generation and sales opportunity. Id also like to mention it helps you to get a better understanding of what kind of content it is your customers are engaging with most.


#9. BBB Tab – (Created on Facebook Developer)

The BBB tab is for sure without a doubt one of my favorite tabs to integrate with Facebook. It not only shows potential customers and followers you are a reputable business but also provides them a sense of comfort. Knowing they have a place to go and dispute their issues with a mediator who is on either side secures the customer beyond belief. Not to mention it certainly shows you have nothing at all to hide and you’re proud to provide another legitimate outlet for them to resort to whether good or bad. Being part of an organization such as the BBB or Chambers of Commerce who have been around for 100 plus years comes in extremely handy in respect to validating and cementing your brand.



#10. Jobs Tab

I think free advertising for jobs is key, it cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars for platforms like Monster or Indeed, so anytime you have a chance to save money in business you jump on it. Why not, i mean you need workers and people constantly need work. It’s a great opportunity to draw people to your page who normally wouldn’t have visited in the first place.There’s no better marketing than the old fashioned word of mouth, you know, the whole he said she said thing can work in your benefit if done correctly. And if you put some steam behind it and boost the post, now you increase your odds of visibility, followers and page views, the more engagement the better regardless of the reasoning behind it.


Well now that i’ve laid out all my Facebook tab suggestions for enhancing your business or fan page, it now lies on you to decide which or if all will be beneficial. All I can do is simply make suggestions and hope you take them into account and prove I offer a trustworthy opinion. Thank you for taking your time to read my article and please feel free to leave your comments and share with others.


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