Building Essential Business Skills


In the business world, everyone is looking to get ahead. Normally the best ways to do this are by receiving a higher education and building up your personal skills. For those that are already well on their chosen path or career, it can be difficult to strive for higher learning or get a new certification. However, that shouldn’t be an excuse to stop developing yourself. There are many skills that you can gradually build-up for the business world. Here are just a few skills that have been cited as very important in business and some methods you can use to develop them.




Sales is certainly a broad topic that covers many different elements. In essence, the skills of marketing/advertising, negotiation, and even corporate budgeting overlap with the world of sales because there is always a give and take agreement with the parties involved. Everyone in the business world should be familiar with and knowledgeable about sales.


There are countless methods to build your sales skills, and online there are plenty of gurus willing to share their secrets for a price. However, there are plenty of free tried and true methods that you can utilize. Research and repetition are the best ways to learn sales as it is a field that has many nuances. Reviewing your sales calls or emails can yield a lot of insight into where you can improve as well. Above all else, being straightforward with your clients, building a good report, standing by your reputation, and believing in your service are the best things to keep in mind if you want to develop professional sales skills.


Patience and Planning


When you have projects you have been working on or goals you set for yourself, it can be difficult to stay patient and let things develop naturally. As is often the case in life, persistence and patience pay off in the end, especially when you have taken the time to develop your strategy. There are several ways to build these skills, but many entrepreneurs are quick to suggest poker.


Poker in many ways is a tool as much as it is a game. Not only do you learn vital skills regarding body language, reading your competitors, strategy, and planning, but also immense patience as you wait for the right moment to strike. While numerous variants of poker exist, all of them share certain basic criteria. Texas Hold’em is the most popular version right now, and has created a huge community worldwide. As many business leaders can tell you, the game of poker is similar to the business world and many of the skills you learn here are applicable to the business arena.


Public Speaking


Public speaking is essential in the business world, especially as a manager or project lead, and yet it’s something that many people are terrified of. Luckily, if you are in need of some public speaking skills, there are some very useful methods and activities to partake in.


To build up confidence and get into a rhythm, it may be helpful to start with small activities. Giving quick, impromptu speeches in front of a mirror has always been a suggested strategy. Another is coming up with on-the-fly discussions in the workplace. It also helps to break public speaking down to its elements, like body language, tonality, inflection, and work on these individually.


Once you have built up your confidence, the best way to master public speaking is with meetup groups and seminars. If you are already in the business world or trying to network with other professionals, you may find that there are plenty of opportunities already around you. Here you can build your confidence and start to understand the flow of conversation.



Networking can be a tricky skill, but one that is definitely more important than ever. Most professionals take a multifaceted approach to networking in today’s world, and it consists of social media knowledge, networking events, and correct in-person candor. Social media in particular has become a huge part of networking, as there are so many online communities that allow you to connect with other people in your field.


Social media has some enormous benefits that cannot be overlooked. While at a networking event, you can only converse with the people that are present. On platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you can reach out to professionals from all over the globe. To build up a report with others, you should share your original content, thoughts, and plans for your own business or career. As we push further into the future, networking will gradually become even more centered around social media.