Dimple Thakkar-Who You Know or What You Know in Sales?


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Dimple Thakkar.

About the interviewee

Dimple Thakkar began her career at a social media agency in New York as the Executive Director of Promotions.  During Dimple’s time at the agency, she supervised social media marketing campaigns for top brands, influential Web 2.0 companies such as Photobucket, meebo, NING and over 50 artists including Kanye West, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears.  ​Currently, Dimple is the CEO and Impresario of SYNHERGY MARKETING, a multiple award-winning social media agency.  Recognitions include top nominated social media agency on Mashable.com, Small Business of the Year Award Winner with the US Chamber of Commerce, a prestigious nomination from Empact100, who recognize and showcase the Top 100 companies in the country run by entrepreneurs, ages 30 and under, with a ceremony at the White House, and more.

Tell me about your firm (number of employees, location, type of companies you work with, etc.). 

Our firm is a boutique agency.  We are a team of 5, but make our clients feel like we’re a marketing agency of 500 people.  Although our office is entirely virtual, we are primarily based in Los Angeles.  We currently work with Susan G. Komen Los Angeles (breast cancer non-profit), Glendale University College of Law (education), WeGO! (mobile application), Olga Mizrahi of Chunk of Change (author & blogger) and also have clients in beauty, technology, entertainment and some celebrities.

What type and size of companies do you have as clients?

Our clientele is pretty diverse.  It’s great because it allows us to give each client a unique social media campaign that is custom-made for their brand.  Also, it allows our clients to form strategic partnerships with each other so they can combine and extend their reach further.  We prefer to work with companies that are well-funded with serious marketing budgets, but we have worked with small businesses successfully in the past.

What comes to mind when you see this topic?

Sales, or lack thereof, can possibly make or break your business.  You can be well-funded and the smartest business in your industry, but without sales, longevity is challenging.  Furthermore, the sales process is also a great way to understand what people need.  Pay attention to the potential customer’s needs and track feedback to pinpoint certain patterns.  It’s a great way to get people to switch from what they are already using to what you are offering.

What are the best practices when it comes to this issue?

At our agency, the sales process is handled with care. We take the extra step in a world of quick projects and short engagements.  That means paying attention to detail and going the extra step to ensure success.  For example, a lot of agencies promise “good customer service,” our agency actually defines it.  We guarantee responses to clients within 2 hours or less and no more than 24 hours in extreme circumstances.  Furthermore, when a potential client approaches us, not only do we provide case studies to prove our track record, but we give them actual CLIENT REFERENCES.  This means they can contact previous or existing clients and ask them what it’s like to work with us.  A lot of companies are afraid to do these kinds of things, but we’re more than happy to show how much we care.

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