Does Your Dental Practice Need A Marketing Boost?


Is your dental practice starting to see a dip in patients? With increased competition, it can be difficult to keep your practice at the top. Competitive pricing and the provision of newer treatments and services can also affect whether or not your patients stay with you or move elsewhere.

Here are some marketing ideas to boost your dental practice.


Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

This is where a marketing plan can come in handy. Investing in your practice’s marketing efforts can help drive interest in your practice, grow your patient list and give your business a much-needed lift. But where should you start to get the ball rolling? 

Get social

Having a social media presence is important for most businesses today. It’s how people can find you online, as well as gives a chance for people to engage with you. Your dental practice has some excellent opportunities to create an impact on social media through campaigns based around awareness, aesthetics, lifestyle and other topics that your patients and others might find useful. You can use a mixture of videos, images and text content to put out messages that will engage with your patients. 


If you’re new to the world of social media, especially for businesses, then it can help to bring some experts on board. Using a unique marketing agent for dentists can help you come up with some creative campaigns that could drive your business upwards. Social media is a great channel for connecting with people in your locality, and shows a more human side to your practice too.

Revamp your website

Is your website basic and dated? It could be time for a revamp to help you keep up with the competition. It’s worth exploring the latest web design trends to help ensure your business adopts the latest approaches online. An online booking system is one example of how you can make your dental practice’s website more effective and provide patients with a better user experience. Invest in a website design that will see you through the next few years to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Do some work in the community

It’s great for businesses to be active in their local communities. By doing some outreach work, you can market your business while doing some good too! You could team up with some local charities and other organizations to help with some community initiatives that will make a difference. Being a socially-aware, responsible company looks great in the eyes of prospective patients and ensures that your business gives back to your community.

Relaunch your practice with an event

Revamping your business calls for a relaunch! A relaunch event can be a fantastic way to bring existing patients, as well as prospective patients through the door. You could launch a new type of service or simply reintroduce your business to others. An event can be a lot of fun, and when it comes to the dental industry, it can be a way to put a happier, friendlier spin on your practice. 

Let influencers help you grow

Influencers can have a significant impact on your business, helping to bring in new patients and push some of your services. More and more dentists are using lifestyle influencers to push services such as teeth whitening, veneers and invisible braces, which are high-price treatments that could give your business a boost. Learn more about working with local influencers to see how you could collaborate to increase awareness of your business. 

Invest in some advertising 

Advertising is a classic marketing method that can still be effective in your local area. From billboards to advertising on the side of buses, you could make an impact by investing some money in advertising. If time isn’t an issue, you could be in a good position to take advantage of affordable deals from advertising providers. Meanwhile, direct marketing can also have a fantastic impact on your business, helping to push services to both new and existing patients and hopefully filling up your appointment book.


Improving your marketing efforts can see some impressive results for your dental practice. Not only can it introduce your business to some new patients, but it can also be a good reminder for your existing patients of the types of treatments and services that you offer. Oral health is very important and more people are becoming interested in the aesthetic side of dentistry, giving you the perfect opportunity to make a splash and give your practice the boost it needs.