Employee Retention: How to Keep Your Best Workers


Unless you happen to work for a large, corporate organization, there’s every chance that you won’t be able to offer the bumper pay packages that tend to attract workers from around the world.

Of course, what you can offer is a more personal experience – without all of the corporate culture that so many employees detest nowadays.

Unfortunately, the above isn’t enough for everyone. Workers will get itchy feet, and attempt to jump ship as soon as a better offer crosses their path.

It means that you need to get a little more creative with what your company can offer its staff. Fortunately, there are more than enough ways to do this, and through the course of today’s article we will investigate some of the best methods.

Team building days have been reinvented

Once upon a time it could have been argued that team building days had something of a reputation. They were far from organized, and usually involved large quantities of alcohol. Ultimately, it led to many businesses deciding to stop running them.

Fortunately, things have changed recently. One only has to look at these team building London events to see that they offer a wealth of activities (that don’t involve drinking a bar dry).

They focus on improving relationships between teams, and this has been found to be something that employees appreciate and value within a business.

Your recruitment process can help the situation

This next point might seem surprising, but you also have to take into account the type of people you recruit. If you are recruiting people who are clearly not a good fit for your business, it obviously means that the chances of them seeking something different later down the line suddenly increases.

So, how can you tell someone has a good chance of staying at your business for the long-term? The easiest way is to check how long they have been at previous jobs. If they have shown longevity there, it’s a good sign that this will continue going forward. Furthermore, picking out volunteering and similar activities can suggest that there is a degree of loyalty and commitment within your candidates.

The power of training

Like the first point we discussed, this was previously something that might have been scoffed at by some people. Now, employee training is taken completely seriously – none more so than by employees themselves.

Sure, employers can have the fear of losing their prized workers due to their added knowledge, but this is the wrong way of looking at the situation. Instead, employees will feel valued that they are being considered for such training, and will also feel that it increases their internal promotion chances.

In short, it’s an excellent way to increase the chances of your best workers staying put.

Transparency is key

Sure, it might be the new buzzword of the modern-day working world, but we really couldn’t preach transparency enough nowadays.

It’s something that makes employees “feel involved” – and this has been something that is proven to motivate workers across umpteen studies. If you follow the old approach and have a strict hierarchy, where key decisions are hidden, it creates an “us and then” situation – which a lot of employees are simply desperate to get away from.