Home Hobbies That Make Great Businesses



They say do what you love. But for so many of us our day-to-day lives are orientated around jobs that don’t reflect our true passions. This is as much a financial necessity as anything else. However, many of us return home after a long day at the office only to indulge in a hobby that has the potential to be turned into a viable business.


For many of us, the path to personal development is hidden in plain sight. We don’t see the potential for a business in the activities we enjoy in our spare time. In addition to making something you love into a goldmine, you can also gain much fulfillment from the entrepreneurial aspect of this concept. Striking out on your own can be risky, but it can also give you a huge amount of freedom. You’ll have to learn new skills and work in capacities in which you have no experience. You may eventually have to hire an employee and act as someone else’s boss, as well as your own.


In any case, making a hobby into a business is a great idea. Here are a few ideas for activities that are particularly full of potential.


Home Brewing


Microbreweries have sprung up all over the place in the last few years. In the drink, as with their food, people are beginning to be more discerning. They care about what goes into their drink and are willing to pay a premium price for something new and interesting. As a sub-cultural movement beer enthusiasm is also emerging into the mainstream making it a business with huge potential.


Many people are already doing this in their basement. All you need to elevate it to a business is one or two specialist bits of kit. White Mountain Process Sanitary Mixers will allow you to raise your production quantities. And there are a number of guides are available online to help you diversify your products.




Many people write or blog for their own pleasure without understanding its business potential. With advertising fees and sponsored blogs, you can quite easily monetise your hobby. Have a look around at a few other blogs and think about what they offer that you don’t.


Look at web designs as well. If you decide to go at it full-time, you’ll need a professional site which is easy to use. You should probably pay a professional for this; however there are a number of affordable services out there.




Many people have overfull wardrobes with items they never wear. It’s very easy to get hooked on internet shopping and auction sites; however there’s also an untapped business potential in this.

If you spend hours trawling charity shops and vintage fairs, you’ll often find pieces that look underpriced. Buy them and sell them online at auction. There are loads of sites that do this successfully, but with sites like Ebay providing the complete infrastructure, this couldn’t be easier. The whole process will be automated, leaving you to focus on the marketing and buying