How A Happy Customer Will Benefit Your Business


With so much to do in your business day, your customers might sometimes feel neglected. After all, you only have so much time available, so it might be that your customer phone calls, email messages, and social media callouts might sometimes get missed.


And being busy, there will be times when you understandably feel quite stressed. During these times, you might be less than patient with your customers, especially if they are intent on driving you up the wall with complaints and persistent questions about your business. 


But here’s the thing. While you will be busy, and while you will sometimes be less than polite when dealing with your customers, you will face the consequences.


An unhappy customer will leave your business, let other people know about the ways in which they have been treated, and will purposely or inadvertently encourage other people to think twice about using your company. 


It’s worth thinking about, as your business will suffer if you don’t. So, as a business owner, you need to concentrate on your customer service. You need to gain your customer’s trust, make them feel special, and correct any mistakes you make as quickly as possible. When you do, your business will improve, as a happy customer can do much to benefit your business.


Here are some of the reasons why.


#1: A happy customer will return to your business


As a business owner, you are in competition with others. You know this already, of course, as not only will you be aware of the businesses that fall directly into your niche, but there are also those bigger businesses such as Amazon who have a finger in nearly every proverbial pie in the business world. Because of the many rivals threatening your business, it is vitally important for you to master your customer service. If you do, your customers are less likely to leave you for one of your competitors and more likely to return to your business. And if they return to you on a regular basis, you aren’t going to suffer the consequences of a drop in your profit margin.


#2: A happy customer will be more invested in helping you


When it comes to marketing your business, your customers could be your greatest assets. Through the right affiliate marketing niche to encourage your customers to help you, you will be able to benefit from their word-of-mouth. They will speak to people at home, to their friends on social media, and to the people in their workplaces. They might wear clothes branded with your business slogan too, and if you give them product freebies, they might also showcase these when they are in the company of others. Of course, while you should reward your customers for helping you, it might be that they would be happy to help you anyway, with or without a reward, if they are happy and satisfied with your business. So, think about this, and consider how you might ask your customers to market your business for you. 


#3: A happy customer will post positive reviews online

Business review sites are both a blessing and a curse. If you fall on the wrong side of any of your customers, you can guarantee there will be a bad review about your business somewhere online. On the other hand, if your customers are happy with your business, you can guarantee that those reviews will be favorable. Considering the fact that many people refer to these business reviews sites when choosing where to spend their money, it is in your best interest to work hard to gain positive comments and get five-star reviews for your business.  So, Google search your business and check for any reviews already online about your company. If they are positive ones, then great! However, if you notice any bad reviews, take note of what has been said, and make every effort to make improvements to your business. You might also want to respond to the bad reviews with a written vow to do better. 


#4: A happy customer will provide testimonial quotes for your website


Not only will potential new customers search business review sites for word on your company, but they will take a look at your website too. If there are any quotes on there from your happy customers, your site visitors will feel more at ease about your business. So, get in touch with your current customers, and request a testimonial. And when you ask them, it might be that you not only ask for something for your website, but with regards to our last point, that you ask them for an online review as well. 


#5: A happy customer might give you a reference


You know your business is great, and your customers know your business is great, but you might sometimes need to convince others of your worth. It could be an investor, for example, or it could be a potential new business partner. Now, you could show them the testimonials you have been given, and you could point to any positive reviews online. But to really hammer home the point of how brilliant your business is, you could collect contact details from any willing customers, and use them as advocates to share good word to those people you are doing business with. Just don’t forget to reward your customers as a thank you for their valuable assistance. 


#6: A happy customer will improve your SEO


The more mentions about you online, the better, as you can improve your SEO ranking this way if certain keywords have been used. These can come from mentions on social media, backlinks from your customer’s personal websites, and from the customer reviews they have posted online. In some cases, your customers will naturally write good things about you, but you could encourage them to do so with an incentive or two as well. With this boost to your SEO, you will then be more visible online, and assuming comments about your business have been positive, you should see an increase in your customer base. 



So, don’t underestimate the importance of a happy customer. By keeping them on your side, you will benefit from their returned custom, and enjoy the fruits of the positive mentions that they have given your business.