How to Increase the Performance of Your Industrial Machinery


Industrial machines are often heavy-duty, but this doesn’t mean that they do not need extra care to enhance performance. These big and powerful machines have components that keep them performing well. However, unless you take good care of them, they will underperform and lead to losses or costly repairs and replacements. You also should consider investing in monitoring equipment like Monico machine monitoring systems to make sure your industrial machinery is operating properly.

Ways to Increase the Performance of Your Industrial Machine

Lubricate your equipment

Your industrial machinery depends on lubricants to keep it functioning smoothly. As long as your machinery, like the hydraulic torque converter, has moving parts, lubricants can help to reduce friction. Failure to lubricate these parts can cause a major breakdown. Here is what you should do:

  • Keep checking the lubricant levels frequently. What’s more, make sure there is no grease build-up or oil leaks.
  • Know the right amount of oil to use. Too little won’t help, while too much of it can cause the equipment to malfunction.
  • Read the product’s manual by the manufacturer to know the recommended amount and type of lubricant you should use.

Keep your machine clean

Cleaning your machines ensures that you maintain the right amount of lubricant levels. Unfortunately, most business owners are not keen on keeping their equipment clean. Some of the costly repairs that business owners have to cover are due to poor hygiene. They leave the filters, cooling fans, vents, and seals to clog with dust, dirt, and soot. Eventually, this leads to decreased performance of the machine, and it can easily break down. For greasy parts, cleaning may require steam cleaning, and pressure or power washing.

Look for signs of wear and tear

Aging is inevitable, and it causes wear and tear to your equipment. However, there are other factors that can cause your machine to wear out, including poor handling, environmental factors, and accidents. Despite taking care of your expensive equipment, you cannot prevent age from directly affecting it. Therefore, look out for any signs of age, including warped belts, dried or cracked seals, or loose bolts that can cause the machine to fall out of shape.

Train your employees

Lack of skills on how to operate a machine can lower its performance. Start by training your staff and make sure they learn how the equipment works from day one. Apart from knowing how to run the machine, invest in employee training on safety and emergency actions.

Keep updating their skills, especially whenever you hire new employees and take advantage of modern tools and software that can help run your equipment. Let them know safety comes first even when they have to rush due to tight deadlines. Additionally, cell phones should be kept away to ensure a 100% concentration while working with the machine.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re buying or leasing, industrial machines are a significant investment and should, therefore, offer maximum performance. For continued performance, you have to ensure that it functions smoothly and in a secure environment. This will guarantee not only good returns for your business but also a long life for the machine and the safety of your employees. Start implementing the tips above as soon as now, and with time, you will see the positive results of a consistently high performing machine.