How To Relaunch Your SEO For $50


SEO is one of the most budget-friendly ways a business can raise its visibility and impact its core demographic. Impact notes that as many as 61% of marketers stated that SEO improvement and organic engagement were their top priorities in the coming year []. Because it’s such a budget-friendly option, even small businesses can look into getting into SEO for a nominal budget. Companies such as Yeah! Local offer full-service solutions for those who need extra support. For smaller businesses, however, all you might need is the right tools and a bit of skill.

Introducing Long Tail Pro

SEO’s premise is to use your content, and your page headings and the links other sites make to yours as a basis for your authority score. Hubspot mentions that authority, specifically domain authority, is a score that you can help along to improve your search engine rankings. That’s where software like Long Tail Pro comes into play. Long-Tail Pro enables you to locate competitive keywords that keep your site focused and help draw in the target demographic you want.

An initial analysis of your website will give you a personalized interpretation for your domain and calculates keyword targets that allow you to set up a strategy in a much more straightforward way. The tool also comes with a convenient function that helps you find keywords that fit your niche and are highly competitive. You can also leverage the utility to perform keyword lookups for specific terms. This utility allows you to do an in-depth competition analysis on a per-keyword basis to find the best ones to use. It’ll also give you a hint about what your competition is doing through the direct comparison of what’s working and what isn’t.

Is Paid Software Worth It?

In a lot of cases, paid software for SEO purposes come with a subscription fee. Sites such as SEMRush and Ahrefs give you minimal search options, and since keyword data updates every so often, you need to pay to get the most current data. Long-Tail Pro is unique because you can simply shell out $50 and start doing SEO that’s just as good as these sites offer. The other subscription sites only provide you research into a handful of keywords, while Long-Tail Pro lets you search up to 10,000 different keywords and compare them. While the initial cost may be different, the long-term return on investment is likely to be higher, especially if you do a lot of SEO research.

SEO On a Budget

A lot of companies don’t know how they can do SEO on a budget. Tools like Long-Tail Pro is just the first step. In-depth keyword research takes time, effort, and a willingness to explore angles for your product or service that you haven’t been able to before. There’s no fast way to do good SEO research. It’s a long road, but the returns for getting it right are worth the input, both in time and money. Long-Tail Pro is one of the most affordable methods for a business to get their SEO up and running while keeping the cost of its SEO research small.