Keeping Your Business Connected Through Covid-19


All businesses face a difficult challenge right now when it comes to trying to survive through this global pandemic. It isn’t an easy situation to find yourself with ever changing regulations and rules, and trying to follow the guidance while still ensuring that your business trades and makes a profit. It is a tough situation to be in. However, one thing is for sure that throughout the last few months and certainly for the future ahead, staying connected with team members and people you use for outsourcing will be important. So what can you do? Here are some of the ways that you can help your business to stay connected through covid-19. 

Updating software systems to cope 


One of the first things that you might want to do would be to look at software systems to help you cope with the changes. This might mean that you need to consider factors such as communication systems and connectivity issues. This is when software systems provided by companies that specialise in the area could come in handy. Checking out something like the Netlinkz share price could give you an indication of where certain companies like this are at. 


Encouraging employees to work from home


It might not be the ideal situation right now, but it is essential to keep people in your workplace to an absolute minimum. If your business can be done remotely, then take advantage of this and encourage your employees to work from home. Help them set themselves up by using great communication software, take advantage of video platforms like Zoom or Skype and ensure that you keep everybody dosage by working more remotely. This can also help you to keep costs down on running a business premises. 


Use social media to stay in touch with customers 


Social media is going to be one of your biggest assets right now. You may not have the luxury of talking to customers face to face, but you can directly through your social media platforms. This is a great way for people to stay in touch with your business and understand what is going on. Again you can look at coming up with a social media strategy or even a marketing campaign to encourage customers to continue to buy from you while people are struggling with the current pandemic. The more you advertise, create offers and give exclusive access to customers and clients, the more your business will continue to thrive during hard times. 


Make everything online


Last of all, it might be time to really go all out when it comes to digital aspects of your business. Perhaps it is time to update your website, add an ecommerce section to it and also ensure that you do what you can to keep everything going. Social media is great but you need a decent website to support the traffic that you will be encouraging to your business. It might also be time to look at other ways you can enhance the experience people will have with your business, for example, looking at creating a smartphone application. 


Let’s hope these tips help your business to stay connected throughout the covid-19 pandemic.