Marketing Ideas for 2020


There is no denying that 2020 has thrown the whole world a curveball and upended everything we think we know about running a business, marketing, and well, basically living our lives. With the world scrambling to find a new way of living and adapting what we can to ensure we can still keep companies afloat and generating income, there has been a considerable shift to taking everything online.


Removing face to face contact and physical meetings has meant we have had to get creative in how we do business and attract new customers.

Invest in Your Online Presence.

A good website is essential for doing business online in 2020. You need to have an informative, well-designed site that is easy to navigate and informative. How often have you clicked off a website as it takes too long to load? Everyone’s the same. We want things instantly, and online searches are no different.

So invest some money on making sure your website is up to speed – quite literally, and has all the right information your existing and potential customers would need to know without overloading the page with information.


Search Engine Optimisation. Many people know what SEO is but now is the ideal time to look over your marketing strategy and make sure your hard-earned dollars are currently working hard for you. SEO means making sure you boost and improve your searchability online and build on your brand’s reputation to convey that in a virtual setting.

For many businesses, getting their SEO right means employing the services of a third-party seo company to help them get it right the first time and make sure they are following all recommended guidelines and practices.

Google Ads.

When you search for anything in google chances are, some of the top results will be ads. Companies or individuals who take out ads will be taking advantage of hitting the top of the search results by placing a bought ad directly from Google. This is an easy way to get your brand out there in front of the people who need to see you. And generate new custom from clicks through to your site.

Before doing this, make sure your ad is a good fit for who you are, and you are targeting your ideal customer to maximize the return on your investment.

Build Your Email List.

So you have addresses of people who like what you do, new and existing clients, and those who are on the fence. How are you utilizing this? If you aren’t building an email list that you are actively using, then you could be missing out on a massive chunk of the market.

Once you have explicit consent to use the email for marketing purposes, you can send out newsletters keeping people up to date on what you are doing, how you are adapting, or what they can look forward to from working with you/purchasing from you.

Keep in contact by touching base and sending emails to stay in touch and make sure you are meeting your client’s needs or even finding out what you did wrong from those who have chosen to go elsewhere. Constructive feedback should always be welcomed so you know which areas you need to improve on.

However, you use your email list, use it!