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PoB Media Partner — US Daily Review — Expanding Prestige Properties Coverage

US Daily Review  is a national news website with a strong interest in lifestyle, which includes Real Estate and prestige properties in particular.  Our goal is to become one of the leading sources for such content around the country.

We love great photos of beautiful homes — with information about pricing, of course — because people love to learn about such properties and seek valuable information on purchasing such.

So what is a prestige property?

We know, prestige is relative.  It certainly isn’t based on price alone.  When considering what this means to USDR, several factors come to mind:

  • A $1 million home in Houston, Texas can clearly be in the luxury space. Whereas a  $1 million home in San Francisco or New York City, can look like a starter  home.
  • Price is not the only factor.  We are looking for clever homes that capture the  imagination.
  • Not sure?  (READ MORE HERE)

Price of Business and its Media Partners are Doing a Series on New York

Kevin Price, host of the Price of Business show, recently spoke at the National Media Summit in New York city.  Whenever Kevin goes to New York — or any city — for business, he also becomes a tourist.  He did it in a big way in his recent four day trip.

Kevin got inspired and is in the process of writing several articles — with our media team — about his trip.  Not only will these articles be from a tourist perspective, but also looks at business, culture, and more.

The first article is by our media partner, USA Daily Chronicles, which looks at an amazingly restored video of New York in 1911 In upcoming articles, we will be looking at the NYC Public Library, Amazon’s retail stores, as well as some photo essays of images Kevin took during the trip.  Keep an eye out for them.  They will be posted on several of our partner sites, we will keep you updated on their additions, right here.

The next article in the series can be found right here, at PriceofBusiness.com.  It is about Amazon Book stores, which Kevin visited one in New York.  Instead of creating excitement about the brand, the stores seem to be a sad memorial to traditional retail itself.

Kevin also visited one of his favorite spots — the New York Public Library.  Some how he finds himself there on every trip.  While there he discovered a fascinating exhibit about the counterculture of the 1960s.  He wrote about the experience at our media partner site, USA Daily Times

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